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Royalty Free Production Music and Loops for TV, Advertising, Film, Web, Corporate Video, Multimedia


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production music
Production Music

Why do people love using our production music? High quality and great value! Using a download track can save a fortune compared to licensing regular library music. Plus you can re-use your downloaded royalty free music track or music loop in your future audio/visual productions for no extra cost.That's why royalty free music licensing is the popular choice for media production professionals. When you download our high quality production music files, using the music can save you a small fortune!
High Quality Music
Royalty Free Music - High Quality

The musical and audio quality speaks for itself. Our production music is performed by professional musicians, playing many real instruments. In all kinds of musical ensembles and recording studios around the world.

We have massive selection of royalty free music downloads. Everything from full symphony orchestras or a solo classical guitar, to rock, and on-the-edge urban programming. All written by composers who are passionate about their music.

There is no shortage of sound styles and music genres - today we have over 8000 music files available to download.

Musical styles available include royalty free classical music, rock, pop, jazz, world, public domain music and acoustic music. Most of our royalty free music tracks have a 29/30 second commercial cut as well as the full length main theme, flash music loops. Many have short stings and underscore 'beds' too.

Payments and Security
Royalty Free Music - Payments

Payment for music is made using a credit card or Paypal, using the currency of your choice. It goes without saying that security is a priority.

We use Paypal and Paddle to process payments securely for royalty free music on this site. They are two of the internet's most secure payment gateways.

Once your payment is made, you are taken to your own exclusive area within this website. Your music files will be waiting in high quality WAV44.1/16bit and 256-bit MP3 format (or simply WAV format for music loops) - all you have to do is download the music you selected. You can re-visit your secure download link as often as you need to for up to 8 hours, plenty of time to download your music (if you need longer access that's no problem, just ask us)



royalty free music

Royalty Free Music

We specialise in premium quality music for TV, media, websites, corporate, games, music for youtube, movies and all media uses. Our wide selection of royalty free music for TV ranges from full symphony orchestras to urban programming, from ambient acoustic to electronica and rock - you name it! Our music download library now has over over 8000 music files and over 120 themed collection albums ready to download. Production companies, media makers and TV networks worldwide use our royalty free music every day, so you know you can rely on our quality.

music articles and advice
Music Advice & Articles

We have a growing selection of useful articles giving advice, insight and opinion on using royalty free music. They include:
Royalty Free Music Loops - What are music loops, and why use them? We show what they are, how they work best and where to find our free music loops.
Stock Music - also known as production music and library music, we look at what it is and how it's changing.
Creative Commons Music - Creative Commons Music licensing and Royalty Free Music licensing can often be easy to confuse - aren't they doing the same thing after all?
What Is Royalty Free Music ?
Briefly describing Royalty Free Music, what it is and how to use it
Music Copyright Law: using Music with Visual media - Legal information about using music for TV, video, internet, film, radio and other media.
Public Domain Music - How do you make sure you pick music that's legally safe to use, when you want public domain music?
Music For Youtube - how to safely use royalty free music for youtube in your Youtube videos.

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flash music

Flash music

There are many reasons we think you'll love using our flash music loops on your website. As always with our music production, our selection of royalty free music loops for flash music is of the highest quality and offers great value to your website.

Video production music

The selection of video production music available at is ideal for television, music for youtube, films and broadcast videos, multimedia presentations and royalty free background music. We have a wide variety of video production music ranging from jazz, rock pop, instrumental, acoustic and world to choose from.

Music  For TV

Music For TV

Online Music Library for media producers - premium royalty free music. Try the Fast Search music finder at the top left of this page...
We specialise in high quality royalty free music. Composed and performed by selected professional musicians and composers, experienced in writing music for film, television, radio, video, games and a wide variety of other media channels.

royalty free music downloads

Royalty Free Music - Easy Downloads

Individual music files are delivered in Master-quality WAV 44.1/16 format, plus high quality MP3 file format. MP3's are faster to download and are the standard for online music downloads, now widely accepted in the media industries. Our Album downloads contain the Master-quality WAV files, plus album artwork for your media player, and track descriptions. Our royalty free Music Loops are in WAV format only, since it's not technically possible to have an MP3 loop "seamlessly". You're in the perfect place to download stress-free download royalty free music.

To guarantee the best audio sound quality we use only audiofile level industry-standard software to create our files. WAVs are "CD Master" quality, identical in every way to the true music you'd hear on a CD. Our MP3s are encoded at 256-bit so you won't hear any of those annoying audio artifacts sometimes found on inferior recorded files.

When you download our music into your music player, edit suite or computer, they sound just like you're playing a CD, as they should. Our music loops are delivered in WAV 44.1 16-bit format ready to import straight into your Flash software. Perfect for Flash looping on websites or simply looping in your audio editor to make a longer theme.

copyright free

Copyright free music

Your first choice for what is sometimes incorrectly called copyright free music and instant downloads of high quality music is We specialise in providing you with top quality copyright free music (royalty free music), not to be confused with Creative Commons music. Our library is entirely composed by experienced and professional composers and musicians. Once you purchase and license an audio track from us, it's yours to use for your video and media productions.

Our royalty free production music is ideal for: Television, Radio, Film and Broadcasts Corporate, Industrial and Commercial Videos, music for youtube, Websites, TV Multimedia and DVD Presentations.


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