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Archive for November, 2009

Lots of New Royalty Free Music added this month

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

We’ve just added a whole bunch of great new royalty free music to our collection at royalty-free.tv from successful composers Jonathan Geer and Jean-Pascal Vielfaure.  Regular users of our site know that we hand pick every single piece of music, and hand prepare every audio file before making it available for licensing – we pay attention to detail because we know quality is important to you our clients!  This way we can guarantee great quality consistently, with only the best music making it into our catalogue, and  available to you for licensing in your media projects.  Incidentally, we now have over 6500 royalty free music files and loops available for instant licensing and download – we’re proud of this!  These latest additions are from three highly succesful composers, we know their music will be widely used and appreciated by our clients:  here’s a little more about them…

Jonatahan Geer  is a versatile and experienced composer whose music has been heard on the BBC, Access Hollywood, the 700 Club, Top Gear and many other shows. He has also provided music for a variety of different video games appearing on Nintendo DS as well as Mac and PC. Jonathan has also been chosen as a commissioned composer for 3 consecutive years by the AMTA (Arlington Music Teacher’s Association).  (More about Jonathan Geer)

Jean-Pascal Vielfaure is a prolific French composer, specialising in music  for multimedia and video games. He  has also had  music featured in Film soundtracks and multiple instrumental albums, with  his credits including music for  Sony, Disney, Mattel, IBM, Bayer, and others, including over 30 video game releases in 2009 alone! (Jean-Pascal Vielfaure)

Choosing Audio Quality to use with Flash Music

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Choosing the best audio quality for the sound and music in your flash movie is a compromise. Large file sizes give great audio quality with slow loading times, but compressing a file too much to get it smaller and load quickly, and the audio quality can easily get worse.

It’s good to start with the best audio quality you can, which is why all the royalty free flash music loops we supply at www.royalty-free.tv are in WAV format, the same high quality as audio CDs.  Once you import the WAV loop into your movie, you’ll need to compress  the file to make it a smaller file size, so that it loads faster.  Using Flash, click the Sound icon in the library, then on the pop-up menu that appears select Properties to open the Sound Properties dialogue box.  Here you can experiment with different audio settings, generally MP3 is a good format to choose, and the lower the number you choose for the bit rate the smaller the file size will be – but the audio quality will also be lower.  A good compromise is generally 128 bit, which gives audio quality not too far from CD quality, but with a file size of almost 90% smaller than a WAV, which means the loading speed shouldn’t be a problem.

We have hundreds of Flash Music loops available, in loads of music styles from writers all over the world. It’s now really easy to add great music to your Flash movie, with a high audio quality, without making the loading speeds suffer.