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Archive for March, 2010

Can I Use Royalty Free Music For On-Hold?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

We’re often asked about copyright, music on hold for telephone systems and royalty free production music, so here’s some useful information on the subject.

Having on-hold music on telephone systems requires the user to be licensed with:

1.    A “Mechanical” license, which allows you to physically store the music recording on your on-hold system.  The royalty-free music license issued with tracks you buy from www.royalty-free.tv includes this.  When you buy one of our music tracks you can chose between a “standard license” which covers you for a single location, or you can up-grade to a “full license” which covers you to use the track from multiple locations.  For example if you have offices situated in different parts of the country, or in different countries around the world, you should opt for the “full” version..  This license does not need to be renewed each year, it is a once-only purchase, so you can continue to use the track for as long as you wish.

Additionally, you may also need:

2.    A “Performing Rights” license.  Playing music on-hold has been deemed as a public performance in some countries, but not all, and so may require a performing license too.  You can check and obtain a license if necessary by asking your local Performing Rights Organisation, eg PRS in the UK. For a full list of these organisations, and links to their websites, please visit http://www.royalty-free.tv/rftv/performance_rights.htm

In terms of choice, www.royalty-free.tv has over 6,500 great production music tracks from 22 award-winning composers around the world, and we are constantly adding new ones.  You can search through the individual tracks, or browse over 100 different album downloads to find exactly the music for your onhold telephone systems that you need.  Our customers are always happy to be able to contact us and receive a prompt reply, whether  to answer queries or offer suggestions.  After all, we are composers ourselves!

Royalty Free Contemporary Chill Out Music

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

www.royalty-free.tv have released a new album of contemporary, chilled royalty-free production music for TV, film, radio and websites.  “Chilled Contemporary” is a collection of ten cool, laid-back grooves, from slow deep hip hop and moody trip-hop to smooth and funky ambient tracks and textured atmospheres.  Chosen from the site’s 6,500 music tracks, the cool rhythms, light, fresh textures, lazy grooves and slick sounds make this album perfect for projecting a modern, centred vibe.

This online music collection is available for instant download and includes main themes, loops, stings and commercial cuts, and is great for TV, corporate multi-media projects, promotional advertising and internet video.  The collection is downloaded as a zipped file containing WAVs, license information, album artwork and track and composers details.

This album is part of a Chillout and Relaxation Series of music albums, issued by www.royalty-free.tv.  The albums include Chilled Acoustic, Chilled South American, Quiet Landscapes, Meditation & Therapy and Piano Moods, and all the music can be heard online by following the links from the album menu page.  For those looking for single tracks, a QuickSearch engine online provides a fast, easy way to search through all the royalty free production music available on the site.  The download music is available as mp3 or high quality WAVs.

Check out the whole range of music at www.royalty-free.tv, or to hear the great, fresh, laid back grooves on “Chilled Contemporary”, visit http://www.royalty-free.tv/royalty-free-music-cd/rfcd0113.php

Great Surfing Music For Instant Download!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Are you looking for some cool surfing music to put alongside your action shots in the waves?  www.royalty-free.tv have just released a new music album for download “Surfing & Boarding”.  It’s packed with edgy, kicking music for that alchemy hour when it’s all going your way.  You can use these tracks on internet video sites such as Youtube, or to stream from your website.  They are royalty free music, so they come with a license to do exactly that.  Being production music it’s designed to fit with your video, and is also cleared for TV broadcast (check out our license for details).

And the music? Driving trance grooves, retro 1960s surf pop, funky, trippy big-beat and tense action rock – they’re all there.  You can hear all the tracks online.  Some come with extra commercial cuts, stings and loops – no extra cost. And the price of the ten themes together with the license to use them in your videos / broadcasts as many times as you like, for as long as you like, is only $99.50.

We didn’t want to leave out you boarders, skate boards or snow-boards, so we made sure that the music would fit you too.  Check them out, we think you’ll like what you hear.

www.royalty-free.tv is an independant company which enables composers from around the world (22 at the last count) to get their music to you, licensed for use in productions.  You can see all their lovely faces here, and check out who they are and what they do.  Surf’s up!

“Surfing & Boarding” royalty free music: http://www.royalty-free.tv/royalty-free-music-cd/rfcd0188.php

Relaxing Meditation And Therapy Music Collection

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

www.royalty-free.tv offer a new collection of tranquil and calming royalty free production music – “Meditation & Therapy”.  These ten relaxation tracks have been chosen specifically for use with therapy, massage, yoga, meditation and stress-relief management products and broadcasts.  They are licensed for production use in DVDs, TV, web streaming and internet video such as Youtube (full licence details here).  Soft, dreamy atmospheres, wide sound-scapes, spacious ambient sounds and warm acoustic textures aid excellent relaxation and these royalty free music tracks are composed for use with all mind and body therapies, well-being and holistic techniques.
The album is available for instant download, and includes ten mellow and peaceful main themes, together with any commercial cuts, loops or stings.  Creating our album collections, we are able to choose from 6,500 music tracks available on our site, written by 22 different composers, which allows us to create extremely high-quality packages.  These great albums represent real value for money (a saving of over 60% on single track purchases).  Our Chill-out / relaxation category contains six excellent collections of themed tracks.  The music is delivered to you in CD-quality WAV format (16-bit, 44.1-khz), and the download includes a printable version of the license and track information and free artwork to import into music players.

You can listen online to all the tracks from “Meditation and Therapy” at http://www.royalty-free.tv/royalty-free-music-cd/rfcd0116.php

109 Brand New Royalty Free Music Albums!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

www.royalty-free.tv are proud to launch our brand new collection of 109 royalty free music albums for instant download!  Here is the very best and most inspiring music from our 22 award-winning composers around the world, delivered in the highest quality, themed for easy reference, and offering amazing value (60% savings!).

In choosing the tracks and formats for our new royalty free album download collection, our driving force has been that our customers (including BBC and Universal Studios) expect the best.  So our albums are available in full CD-quality WAV format 16-bit, 44.1-khz. They include a printable PDF with details of all the tracks contained on the album, including timings and composer / publisher information, some great free album artwork to import into your music player/archive such as iTunes, to accompany and help identify the album, and a clear copy of the license details on how to use the music.  We are, as always, available to help advise or answer our customer’s questions.

We always take great pride in offering the best, hand-picked royalty-free music, in the best formats, and now we can offer amazing value too with our new album collection.  Fantastic!

See these brand new music albums at http://www.royalty-free.tv/royalty-free-music-cd/album-menu.htm