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Free Music Loops

As well as having 1000’s of full-length royalty free music tracks, we also
have a great range of royalty free music loops, including some free music loops
for you to try.

What Are Music Loops?

Music loops are a simple way to take a short piece of music and make it last
a whole lot longer. So what exactly is a “music loop”? Put simply, it’s a short
piece of music that can be repeated over and over. The clever part is that the
music loop is designed to do this seamlessly, in other words you won’t be able
to hear the join (as a gap or even a click), instead you hear one long continuous
music track. A typical use of a royalty free music loop would be in the soundtrack
to a video. In video editing software, it’s simple to take the music loop file,
and lay several copies of it end-to-end in the soundtrack. As the video plays,
the music loop gets played over again, making a smooth continuous soundtrack.

Free Music Loops

There are many places to buy music loops on the web, including royalty free
music loops from websites like our own www.royalty-free.tv. We also have free
music loops to download and try, just so you can see how easy they are to use.
Our free music loops are available if you visit http://www.royalty-free.tv/rftv/free_mp3.htm

Why Use Music Loops?

One of the main reasons to use a music loop instead of a full length piece
of music is because the file size is very much smaller. This can be used to
great advantage where bigger file sizes would be a problem, for example as music
on a Flash website. A longer piece of music might take some time to buffer and
load in a Flash animation, but a royalty free music loop can be ready to start almost instantly
because it’s so much quicker to download.

Where To Find More Music Loops

It’s easy to find more music loops by visiting http://www.royalty-free.tv/rftv/frameset.htm
and selecting “loops” from the dropdown “length” menu you’ll see on the left
of the screen. Click “Search!” and you can choose from the many hundreds of
royalty free music loops we have available – have fun!

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