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Royalty Free Music for Youtube

One of the questions we get asked often is “Can I use your music on my video and upload it to Youtube?”.  The quick answer is “Yes!” that’s no problem at all, even if your video is for commercial purposes.

At www.royalty-free.tv we specialise in providing premium quality music to accompany visuals, so Youtube is one place where our music is widely used.  Our license terms are simple, affordable and include using music on Youtube and similar video sites, check them out at royalty free music license.

We also suggest that it’s good practice with any music on Youtube to put a credit in the text accompanying your video.  Why?  Simply because Youtube likes to know where your music comes from, and having a written credit will help it work that out.  Something plain like “Music licensed by www.royalty-free.tv, Track Title: “Music Song”,  Composer: “John Doe” is sufficient.  This can be placed right at the end of any other descriptive text you have with your video, so it’s not in the way of anything else you want to say.

We have 1000’s of music files to choose from, dozens of music styles, all premium quality.  So that’s it – plain and simple, please go ahead and use our music on Youtube 🙂

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