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Royalty Free Music goes Green

We’re proud to be first major Royalty Free Music company who relies solely on Renewable Energy.

Like most people, we like to try to  ‘do our bit’ when it comes to helping the Environment, which is why we wondered if there was any way we could improve the impact www.royalty-free.tv has on the environment.  Our office and studio are packed with electrical equipment as you’d imagine for making music and running a busy website, so by switching to environmentally friendly energy we can greatly reduce our environmental impact.  All the electricity for our office and studio (as well as heating and air conditioning), is now supplied from renewable resources such as wind and waves.

Next we looked at our website servers, which are located in another country,  and looked for the ‘greenest’ option we could.  The hosting company we chose for our website relies completely on renewable energy to power their server datacentres and offices, in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS). Even as you’re looking at this website, it’s being powered by renewable energy – we like that!

So now our Royalty Free Music is still easy to access and download – plus it’s environmentally friendly.

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