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Flash music is quick, easy and effective

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

One of the great things about using Flash on your website is the way it seamlessly integrates music and sound easily with your images.  No longer do you have to trigger lame-sounding midi files, instead it’s easy to incorporate high quality music right into your flash movie.  You may be worried that adding music may slow up your movie, and leave users waiting impatiently for your website to load?  No problem – simply use short  clips of music instead of longer themes, and use the ‘loop’ function within Flash.

At www.royalty-free.tv we have 100’s of high quality royalty free music loops that play around and around totally seamlessy, all available for you to use, and designed for using as looped Flash music.  It’s simple to choose whatever music style you need for each  movie scene (we have hundreds to choose from), then simply download the WAV file (it’s in the perfect format for Flash) and  drag the music file into Flash and set it to ‘loop’ – job done.

Flash leaves loads of room to be creative with music, and it’s easy to make Flash movies that use sound and music in effective and powerful ways.  We’re constantly adding new music loops to our collection, so why not take a look.