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50 Fun Royalty Free Music Loops For Websites

Friday, December 16th, 2011

50 Fun Royalty Free Music Loops For WebsitesThis royalty free music collection is packed full of 50 loops, all based on the theme “Fun!” .  Happy and fun,  each music track will bring a smile 🙂

These WAV loops are designed to loop seamlessly from the end to the start to make continuous music,  so they are perfect to use in Flash on a website,  also for  advertising and media presentations.

Every loops is available to listen, and download a free mp3 preview, at http://www.royalty-free.tv/royalty-free-music-cd/rfcd0230.php


50 Smooth Loops For Websites – Royalty Free Music Album

Monday, June 14th, 2010

An exciting new collection of royalty free music loops from www.royalty-free.tv:  “50 Smooth Loops For Websites

This album download collection of smooth royalty free music loops, is a selection of 50 seamless loops with everything from chilled to dreamy, mellow to warm, sophisticated chill-out to confident pop.

These loops have been designed to loop seamlessly when imported into Flash or your audio editor.  Simply set the audio to loop, and you don’t hear the join, you just get continuous music.  With 50 tracks to choose from there’s no shortage of choice either – listen for yourself  at http://www.royalty-free.tv/royalty-free-music-cd/rfcd0105.php

This smooth loops royalty-free production music album is part of our Advertising and New Media series of download albums, which included four albums of loops designed especially for uses such as web design and new media. As well as “Smooth Loops”, the other three 50-loop collections are  Fun Loops, Edgy Loops and Funky Loops.  All the music can be heard online by following the links from our album menu page here – royalty free music loops

50 Edgy Loops For Websites, Royalty Free Music on Youtube

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

We’ve just added our album “50 Edgy Loops For Websites” to youtube, as a quick and easy way to listen to this great selection of royalty free loops.  A large collection of seamless music loops, contemporary edgy feel in a massive variety of music styles! These loops are designed to loop seamlessly from the end to the start to make continuous music. Perfect for Flash on a website, or advertising and media presentations.

To listen on youtube, follow the link :  50 Edgy Loops For Websites – Royalty Free Music Album

We have been supplying royalty free music online since 2003, and http://www.royalty-free.tv now has an impressive team of composers from around the world. All are experienced writers and musicians with a wealth of experience and awards to their names. We personally prepare every music file on our site to maintain the high quality that our clients expect, and all our music is available in broadcast/CD-quality WAV as standard.

There are more great royalty free albums and videos on our youtube channel – visit our royalty free music youtube channel to hear more!

Choosing Audio Quality to use with Flash Music

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Choosing the best audio quality for the sound and music in your flash movie is a compromise. Large file sizes give great audio quality with slow loading times, but compressing a file too much to get it smaller and load quickly, and the audio quality can easily get worse.

It’s good to start with the best audio quality you can, which is why all the royalty free flash music loops we supply at www.royalty-free.tv are in WAV format, the same high quality as audio CDs.  Once you import the WAV loop into your movie, you’ll need to compress  the file to make it a smaller file size, so that it loads faster.  Using Flash, click the Sound icon in the library, then on the pop-up menu that appears select Properties to open the Sound Properties dialogue box.  Here you can experiment with different audio settings, generally MP3 is a good format to choose, and the lower the number you choose for the bit rate the smaller the file size will be – but the audio quality will also be lower.  A good compromise is generally 128 bit, which gives audio quality not too far from CD quality, but with a file size of almost 90% smaller than a WAV, which means the loading speed shouldn’t be a problem.

We have hundreds of Flash Music loops available, in loads of music styles from writers all over the world. It’s now really easy to add great music to your Flash movie, with a high audio quality, without making the loading speeds suffer.

Using Flash Music Loops for Faster Flash Movies

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Flash is widely used on the internet to show movies or play audio,  but adding long music music pieces to a Flash movie can make it too large to load quickly when it’s online.  The solution is to use Flash music loops instead –  a loop is an audio file that’s usually only a few seconds long, carefully prepared so that  when it plays to the end it can instantly restart from the beginning again, without you being able to hear the join.  Because it’s much shorter than a full-length song, it’s much faster to load and doesn’t slow down the loading times for the end user.  Here’s how to easily add a music loop to your Flash movie.

Flash will recognise .aif .wav and .mp3 music file formats. For seamless audio loops it’s important to use a music file that has already been prepared to loop seamlessly, such as the Flash Music .wav loop files we supply on www.royalty-free.tv.   Don’t try to use an mp3 file to loop seamlessly, this doesn’t work since mp3 files will not loop without an audible ‘click’ at the end/start looping point – very annoying!

To import your chosen sound file, from the main menu within Flash choose file>import>import to library. In the dialogue box that appears, choose the file you want to import and click it. If you’re on a Mac choose Import, on Windows choose Open. This will import your chosen audio music file into the Library of your project. The next step is to add this audio to the timeline of your movie.  First, you need to create a new layer in the timeline, click the Insert New Layer icon to do this.  It’s a good idea to name this new layer “sound” by double-clicking the layer name and typing in the new name.  Then click on your chosen sound file in the Library and drag/drop it onto your new ‘sound’ layer, and you’ll see it appear in the first frame.  You can preview your movie by selecting Control>Test Movie.

Since your imported flash music loop wav file is designed to loop seamlessly to create a continuous soundtrack, you will need to enable this “loop” option option. Click on the  music file you want to loop, then look at the Properties Inspector. You’ll see a menu option “sync”, to the right you can set the loop options to “loop”.  That’s it –  now you have a continuous music background,  using only a small music file!

Flash music is quick, easy and effective

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

One of the great things about using Flash on your website is the way it seamlessly integrates music and sound easily with your images.  No longer do you have to trigger lame-sounding midi files, instead it’s easy to incorporate high quality music right into your flash movie.  You may be worried that adding music may slow up your movie, and leave users waiting impatiently for your website to load?  No problem – simply use short  clips of music instead of longer themes, and use the ‘loop’ function within Flash.

At www.royalty-free.tv we have 100’s of high quality royalty free music loops that play around and around totally seamlessy, all available for you to use, and designed for using as looped Flash music.  It’s simple to choose whatever music style you need for each  movie scene (we have hundreds to choose from), then simply download the WAV file (it’s in the perfect format for Flash) and  drag the music file into Flash and set it to ‘loop’ – job done.

Flash leaves loads of room to be creative with music, and it’s easy to make Flash movies that use sound and music in effective and powerful ways.  We’re constantly adding new music loops to our collection, so why not take a look.