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Pop Mix 2 – new royalty free music

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Pop Mix 2 royalty free music album

We’ve just prepared a brand new collection “Pop Mix 2” full of great royalty free instrumentals, perfect for use in various media projects.  From cool contemporary grooves, through sexy, breezy urban pop, to pop rock and light, funky pop, this is a high quality collection with a fresh, optimistic and fun outlook.

Take a listen by following the link above, and download all  10 tracks as high quality mp3 and full quality WAV files directly to your computer,  into your media project or edit suite.

As with all our music this collection comes pre-licensed to use in various media projects, from web video for youtube, through to broadcast TV or Movies.  It’s easy, fast and totally affordable as always!

109 Brand New Royalty Free Music Albums!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

www.royalty-free.tv are proud to launch our brand new collection of 109 royalty free music albums for instant download!  Here is the very best and most inspiring music from our 22 award-winning composers around the world, delivered in the highest quality, themed for easy reference, and offering amazing value (60% savings!).

In choosing the tracks and formats for our new royalty free album download collection, our driving force has been that our customers (including BBC and Universal Studios) expect the best.  So our albums are available in full CD-quality WAV format 16-bit, 44.1-khz. They include a printable PDF with details of all the tracks contained on the album, including timings and composer / publisher information, some great free album artwork to import into your music player/archive such as iTunes, to accompany and help identify the album, and a clear copy of the license details on how to use the music.  We are, as always, available to help advise or answer our customer’s questions.

We always take great pride in offering the best, hand-picked royalty-free music, in the best formats, and now we can offer amazing value too with our new album collection.  Fantastic!

See these brand new music albums at http://www.royalty-free.tv/royalty-free-music-cd/album-menu.htm

Royalty Free Music – WAV files are now free!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Responding to requests from our users, we’ve  made all  our royalty free music at www.royalty-free.tv available as WAV files – at no additional cost!

In a major “behind the scenes” website upgrade, we’ve uploaded the master-quality WAV files for every piece of music in our catalogue onto our web server.  Now when our customers have chosen their music to download, as well as  it being available in MP3 256kbit format as before, they have the option to download as WAV 44.1/16 format.  These files are exactly the same as the original audio masters of the music – there is no compression or data loss, what you hear is the original music master file.

We’ve made this upgrade because although the MP3’s sound great and the file sizes are conveniently small, we realise that now it’s not a problem for most of our customers to download larger WAV files – so why not make them available and enjoy the extra audio quality?  And rather than charge extra for this, we think they should be available at the same price as our regular MP3 files.  The choice is the user’s, download the high-quality MP3 if you need a fast download and a smaller file size, or choose the WAV file if you prefer the extra audio quality and don’t mind the larger file size!

So what is the difference between MP3 and WAV files?  MP3 files are “compressed” into a smaller file size than the original audio WAV file, with a side-effect being a very slight loss in audio quality.  They still sound great (as our clients including major broadcasters have already found) and many people cannot hear any difference in the quality.  Our MP3 music is encoded at high quality 256kbit, which gives a file size of around 2MB for every minute of music.  By comparison, the original WAV master files are about 10MB for every minute of music.

So the choice is yours – and at no extra cost!