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About the audio samples of royalty free music at


What about your preview samples?

All our royalty free music tracks can be previewed using either streaming Windows Media Player or RealAudio. If you need the software, which is available for PC's and Apple Macs, you can get them free from our links/resources page. Previews of our royalty free music are presented in this internet-standard lo-fi format for one reason: they're fast! A few seconds after selection the file starts to play, enabling you to make an informed choice.

Can I re-use the audio samples?

No. The only royalty free music available for you to use (under license) are the WAV and MP3 files which are available to purchase and download online.


What is RealAudio? How do I play Real Audio files on my computer?

RealAudio is a file format that allows music to "stream" over the net to a RealAudio player that you install on your computer. You can obtain the basic RealAudio player software free of charge by visiting Real Network's Web site at  (there's a link from our link/resources page) and follow the links for 'downloads' and 'free player'.
Be sure to read our section MP3 players for advice on preventing Real Player from corrupting your MP3 files,
found via the site map.

I'm having trouble getting Real Audio samples to play.

Did you download the Real Audio Player? Did you correctly install the player in your web browser? Is your company's firewall allowing the streaming of the files (if not, call your tech. person/webmaster and have them set the appropriate TCP ports)? Or possibly the Real Audio server is down right now, or our site is experiencing heavy traffic - try again later.



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