You can use this Open and flexible search to help find the royalty free music tracks you are looking for. This search is particularly useful if you are looking for royalty free track titles ("potshot") or descriptions ("rock"), or specific terms like "Bach", "Beethoven", etc

TIP - use as few words as possible - results show for all the words you enter, so avoid common words like "the" - go for the most unique. Example, to find the track "The View From Oxo" just type oxo.

More Tips for searching...

  • enter a word or a part of a word, but don't use "quotes"
  • leave a single space between your search words.
  • do not enter too many search words - "Fast Rock" will show every 'fast' track and every 'rock' track
  • 'summer' or 'summ' would bring up tracks with 'summer' or 'summertime' in the title or description.
  • for faster searches, restrict the number of search terms you use.

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