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Advice, Music Articles and Tutorials

We have a selection of articles and tutorials on different subjects related to Royalty Free Music. Most have been written in response to questions from our website users, so we hope you find the information in them useful.

What is Royalty Free Music?
What is royalty free music, licensing music to use in media, TV, movies, radio, web. Performance royalties and who pays them.

All about Performing Rights
What are Performing Rights? How Performing Rights Organisations work, who they collect money for, and who has to pay them to use music for broadcasts and other public performances.

What is Production Music?
what production music is, where to find it, how to license it for use in TV, Film, Radio, Web and all media. Also known as stock music, and Library Music.

Copyright Law: using Music with Visual media
Legal information about using music in TV, video, internet, film, radio and other media.

How To Add audio to Flash
How to add royalty free music, loops and other audio to a Flash Movie project.

How To Add audio to an iMovie
How to add music and audio to an iMovie project, royalty free music is an excellent choice for hassle-free music for your iMovie

Music For TV
A brief history of uses of music in television - production music and royalty free music.

Music In Television Advertising
Music in televisioon advertising, advertisers and agencies are now using music from independent artists to create the soundtracks to TV commercials.

Popular Video Editing Software
These days if you have a computer with enough memory and storage and you cab edit videos like the professionals do - here are the most popular options.

Streaming Audio From A Web Page
Creating streaming audio is easy to do, and can add an extra audio dimension to a web page

Choosing Music To Score Movie
From budgets, licensing, copyright issues through to creating the perfect movie score.

What Is Sound Design?
Sound Design is in essence all the sound needed for a movie - music, sound effects, dialogue, foley blended together to create the perfect movie soundtrack.

Royalty Free Music - the basics
Briefly describing Royalty Free Music, what it is and how to use it

Converting Audio Formats
How to change audio file formats, MP3, WAV, AIFF, OGG, using free software such as iTunes, Audacity.



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