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Chamber Music can best be described as a form of classical music intended for small ensembles, whose members perform one to each part without a conductor.

At the heart of chamber music lies the spirit of collaboration and the role of the individual performer. Each part has only one performer, so for the music to be performed successfully the musicians must work effectively as a team, while at the same time excelling as soloists. Chamber music places the highest order of responsibility upon each individual musician to engage in a close musical dialogue with the other performers in the ensemble. Unlike other classical music forms however, this is without the aid of a conductor. As a collaborative expression, chamber music relies upon the collective musical instincts, knowledge, experience, and talents of each musician to guide the process of interpreting, rehearsing and performing.

The name Chamber Music is derived from the fact that it is suitable to be performed in a room or chamber, rather than a concert hall for example. The term Chamber Music usually applies to music for three to 12 musicians. The most important element to grasp is this - one person to a part, as opposed to an orchestra where there are usually several musicians playing each part (count the number of violinists in a symphony orchestra for example).

Some common ensemble types of chamber music are string quartets (two violins, viola and cello), piano trios (violin, cello and piano), and woodwind quintets (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon).

One of the most popular classical forms appreciated today, Chamber Music is well supported particularly in the Western World, and our royalty free music library offers you a comprehensive classical choice that will exactly suit your requirements.

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