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When most people think of Royalty Free Church Music, they bring to mind a church organ playing something famous like Mendelssohn's Wedding March. Church organ music originated during the middle ages when hand-held organs were used to play the notes in choir processions. The organ was known as the Portatif, which means 'portable choir organ', and paintings exist showing these instruments with bellows for one hand, and a small keyboard controlling up to a dozen small pipes. Of course as more pipes were added, portability was more difficult and eventually impossible, and the stationary organ or Postif (one position) arrived. Over time, and particularly in the more grander churches and cathedrals, more pipes were added, and more keyboard manuals to control them. As the ranks of pipes grew past two, to three, these organs became known as 'Great Organs'. Pedals were added first in Germany before 1500, but it wasn't until the 1700's that they played bass notes - until then they played melodic notes. In England, pedals were not generally added until the 1800's, over a 100 years after Handel and Bach.

The volume of the great Cathedral Organs is something that is better experienced than described - they can be earth-shakingly loud!

Our extensive royalty free music library can provide you with a comprehensive selection of stock church music so you can fulfil all your requirements of royalty free music best suited to your production.

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