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There's no particular style to comedy music, no set of musical rules that define the genre, all it has to do is make you smile.

Think of the Hollywood legends of the 1920's like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, with their hugely popular black & white comedy films, and you're probably already remembering the jangly piano music that is played to accompany them. Of course once recorded sound arrived in the movies the "piano played in each cinema" comedy accompaniment became a thing of the past, and recorded music took over. Comedy heroes such as Charlie Chaplin took advantage of this and used music to great effect in movies like "The Great Dictator" making audiences laugh as well as cry, using the music to highlight all the emotions of the film.
Royalty Free Comedy music is about more than this though, and can include pretty much any musical style. Circus music has a long tradition and makes great use of comedy, while children's television programmes also often make good use of original comedy music. Parody is another form where comedy music is featured, where a well known song is re-written either lyrically or musically or both, to make a comedy version. Try visiting Bob Rivers to hear some hilarious re-writes and pastiches of famous artists such as Britney Spears.

For a comprehensive collection of royalty free stock comedy music that is available for you to download and use according to your requirements, our royalty free comedy music library can provide you with some of the best examples of buyout music suitable for use in comedy productions.

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