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About us - Royalty-Free.tv

Royalty-free.tv - the first choice for instant downloads of high quality royalty free music. This website is designed for, and used by television & film producers, TV broadcasters, radio stations, video producers, advertising agencies, web designers & 'new media' producers.

Royalty-Free.tv Profile

Royalty-free.tv is based in the south of England, just a few short miles from the country's finest beaches, and on the edge of the beautiful Dorset countryside - what a fantastic place to write music!

royalty-free.tv was established in 2001 as a privately owned partnership, and is now part of Notepad Music Ltd a UK-registered company.

Royalty-Free.tv - a 'one-stop shop' to listen and buy pre-licensed royalty free music instantly .

Major clients who have used our music include:
BBC Television
Intel Corporation
Prime Ministers Office (UK)
Coca Cola
Country Music Television Inc. (CMT)
Discovery Channel
British Telecommunications
BBC World
Unilever PLC
Carlton Television
Granada television
Sky Television

One of our aims is to provide an ideal way for other writers to distribute their music, as royalty free music. As musicians & writers ourselves, we're tired and amused by the terrible deals offered by many music publishing companies to writers, so it's a priority with us that writers on our site get treated fairly! To achieve this, we don't demand of any of the 'rights' from composers. 100% of any Performance Royalties go straight to the writer - we don't take any share of them. We share the download fees on this site with the writers, we don't demand exclusive rights, and they are free to leave any time. So far they've all stayed. So when you buy a track from us, you know that the money is going to the writer, and not to some faceless global media corporation!



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