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House was the father of Dance music genres in the early 1980's, when DJ's cut together disco and electronic music records. House music is recognised by it's piano and synth stabs etc, but mainly by it's relentless four-four kick drum beat. Techno took it's lead from House music, and took the 4/4 kick drum idea but used drum machines (a new technology back then) such as the new Roland TB303, giving it a very mechanical feel, also flavoured by earlier electronic music by bands such as Kraftwerk. Trance music took 1980's electronic music often of mechanical-sounding grooves and soaring tunes, and added drum loops to give a more organic and exciting experience to the music. Progressive dance music is a term for the more lengthy tracks, spacious and progressive in style, with many instrumental layers, that are taken seriously as compositions by it's proponents, whilst still being funky and keeping a club crowd on it's feet. Ambient or Chill Out dance music owes it's inspiration to ambient music of the 1970's by artists such as Brian Eno, and is a softer style of music designed to be an antidote or escape from the relentless 4/4 beat, artists such as The Orb were major players with this style. Chill Out music has even crossed over into the mainstream, with many and various compilations widely available.
Major names as DJ's and dance music creators include Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyke, and John Digweed.

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