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Downloading royalty free music

How do I download my royalty free music tracks?

Once you've been guided through the shopping procedure, you can proceed to download the royalty free music file(s) you've purchased. Download by clicking on the link you're shown to start downloading - if you're unsure, here are some instructions.

* In most browsers, Left click link, then Click save.
(Save as 'All files' unless browser shows 'save as .mp3')

Windows Internet Explorer up to version 5.5: As above *.
Windows Firefox: As above*.
Windows Internet Explorer version 6: Left click link, click 'save as' first, then click save.

When your download is complete, save the file to your hard drive, and the royalty free music is yours to use! You'll be sent an e-mail giving you full details of your purchase, including how you can reconnect and download later if you prefer. Please note that the download will only be delivered to the same computer from which you made the purchase, and also that the download must be made within 8 hours of purchase.

If you'd like a "test run" then visit free mp3 track to try out the downloading procedure as many times as you want until you're happy.

How can I download my royalty free files later, or download them again?

If you have completed the royalty free music purchase procedure but did not download all/any of your files for whatever reason, or you want to re-download a file you purchased earlier, that's easy to do. Simply click the link download area found at the site map, where you will be required to re-enter the security numbers emailed to you when you purchased the track(s). Then you can proceed with the download of the royalty free music files you've purchased. Please note that the download will only be delivered to the same computer from which you made the purchase, and also that the download must be made within 8 hours of purchase.

What if the download fails?

If your download is interrupted for any reason, or you lose the file on your hard drive, (or any other such disaster!) don't panic. We email you a confirmation of your order, and include instructions on how you can re-download this file. You can download again (if you need to) as often as you want for 8 hours. If you get repeated problems, email us directly and we'll help & advise you in any way we can.

I Can't get the file to start downloading - what do I do?

This rarely happens, and is usually due to either:

1 - your firewall or anti-virus software being too "vigilant", and preventing your computer communicating effectively with our server. We suggest you select a less severe setting in your software, or temporarily disable the software, then you should be able to access your royalty free music download files.

2 - your browser settings. In Internet Explorer, we suggest disabling the "Content Advisor" as this can cause the "Save Target As" feature not to work - please follow this link to go to Microsoft's knowledge base. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;q176316&

If you have tried the above, you can always contact us as a last resort and we'll email the files directly to you - please give us full details of your purchase and transaction ID numbers. We'll do this ASAP, often within minutes, but please remember that we are a small business, if we're not here it's probably because we need the sleep(!). Also we operate UK office hours, although Gavin does often operate insomniac hours especially for our global time-advanced or time-delayed customers :-o

Can I share my download with my friends?

No. MP3 and WAV files for the royalty free music on our site are copyright protected intellectual property. Customers or users that download music files cannot copy or distribute them outside of their organization (see our license) without our authorization. All tracks are watermarked to prevent unauthorized useage.

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