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Drum and Bass music, also known as drum n bass or DnB is an electronic music style, and started as a mix of reggae bass lines with sped-up hip hop breakbeats and influences from techno. It's probably most easily recognised by its very fast drum beats, usually between 160 and 180 bpm (beats per minute). We have a great selection of royalty free drum and bass music.
Originally known in the early 1990's as 'jungle' after the club in London that popularised the style, Drum and Bass music achieved wider popularity and exposure in the mid 1990's through artists such as Goldie, 4 Hero and Roni Size. It is one of the most rhythmically complex forms of dance music, with extremely fast polyrhythms and breakbeats. Most commonly, and in its purest form, Drum and Bass music is entirely instrumental, with just fast drum machines and deep bass. Like most dance music genres, jungle is really a genre designed for a small, dedicated audience, although with success of Goldie and his 1995 debut Timeless crossing over to a more mainstream audience, held the promise of broader appeal. This was furthered in the late 1990's by artists such as Roni Size who won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize.

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