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We were the proud winners of this UK Government (DTI) sponsored E-Commerce Award in 2003. One reason we won was our innovative use of technology to search for music on this site. Until then other companies used 'click list' menus to access music, which is a simple and basic way to find broad music categories. We were the first royalty free music website to develop and launch a search system to choose multiple music categories at a time, for example "rock" and "happy" or "rock" and "sad", either of which is much more efficient to video-editors than simply browsing long lists of "rock" music... here's the 2003 award :-)

Award-winning Royalty Free Music - listen and download from 100's of production music titleswins South West final of the United Kingdom E-Commerce Awards! Winner 2003 E-Commerce Awards Regional Final

In September 2003 this website received first prize in the South West region of the UK Online E-Commerce Awards, in the "e-Business Startups" category. A silver trophy, certificate and a cheque were presented to the business partners.

"Winning this award is very exciting for us, particularly as the competition was from throughout the whole UK South West region. It's great to be writing music here in Poole and supplying it to customers and businesses around the world - we simply couldn't do it without the Internet."

"A lot of the UK music industry is based in and around London and sometimes its hard to get recognised simply because our business is based in Dorset on the UK's south coast. This award is a validation of the quality of our product and service."

The UK national E-Commerce Awards are run by UK online for business, a partnership between Industry and the UK Government, which promotes the use of information and communication technologies to small companies, and by InterForum, a not for profit membership organisation that helps British businesses to trade electronically. In the first five years of the Awards, the 2003 response saw the biggest ever with 2,945 organisations entering.

THANK YOU! - to all our customers for continuing to make a success.


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