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Royalty Free Hard Rock Music

Hard rock is a term that's applied to loud, aggressive guitar rock, and generally features big guitar riffs and heavy backbeats. We have high quality royalty free hard rock music to listen and download. Hard rock music came from the mid-'60s when blues-rock and psychedelia combined and were being pioneered by artists like Cream and Jimi Hendrix. It started to develop as a genre in the early 1970's, with the tough, boozy rock of the Rolling Stones, the blues-drenched textured arrangements of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, and the loud power chords of the Who setting the style for bands to follow. Later in the decade the style had evolved into a harder, more stripped down sound, with artists such as AC/DC and Aerosmith. During the 1980s glossy pop-metal and arena rock tended to prevail over hard rock, although some artists including Guns N' Roses and the Black Crowes played a grittier, more traditionalist alternative. From here hard rock music seemed to divide into two main threads, with a host of variations. One route followed the more traditional hard rock / heavy metal route, and spawned new genres evolving from that like thrash metal, death metal. Whilst other bands took a more introspective and self conscious route to their songwriting as an alternative to repetitive pounding chords, and followed genres such as grunge and alternative rock. One common theme is the hard attitude within the music that can all be defined as Hard Rock.

Royalty free hard rock music is a popular choice when it comes to choosing the right production music, and we have an impressive selection in our royalty free library of stock hard rock music that is immediately downloadable and can be used to enhance any media production.

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