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Royalty Free Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop is a form of popular music that originated in New York in the early 1980s. Hip Hop music is created with a percussive effect obtained by manually rotating a vinyl record known as scratching, accompanied by electronic drums behind a rap vocal. Today the use of samples together with digital music production techniques means technology has largely replaced vinyl scratching. We have royalty free hip hop music to listen and download.

Hip Hop is a term that includes more than just music, and takes on many forms such as cutting and scratching a record, break dancing, double dutch dancing and graffiti art. Although at the start it was very much an American underground phenomenon, Hip Hop is now global and mainstream. Many Hip Hop music artists now own clothing lines and jewellery ranges - there are also magazines on the Hip Hop life with articles about fashions and concerts. So from its origins as a musical form, Hip Hop is now a lifestyle that's attractive to many people as an original outlet for free expression. With the internet, it's also going global, and what started out as kids having fun is now an international statement.

Our exclusive and innovative royalty free music library has buyout music to suit every eventuality, so if you're in the market for copyright free Hip Hop music, our comprehensive stock collection can provide you with an interesting selection of royalty free Hip Hop music.

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