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How to Find the Right Music

Finding the right royalty free music for your project is very quick and easy, using the on-site search engine, here's how it works...

Quicksearch - Select your choices from the six categories on offer - Genre, Mood, Instrument, Length, Tempo and Source and click "Search!". The more categories you choose, the more focused your search results will be. For example if you only select "Fast" tempo, the list of royalty free titles offered to you will be long, and will cover many styles of music. However if you selected "Fast" tempo and "rock" genre, the list will be shorter and more specific. If you select "Fast", "Rock", "Romantic" and "Bassoon" as your choices, the result list of royalty free titles meeting all these criteria will be understandably short. If you are given no search results, try broadening your search by selecting less options from the drop-down menu.

The search results will give you a list of titles matching your search criteria, with a brief description and links to the shopping cart. The results page for your search will look something like this for each royalty free music title we have available that meets your search criteria:

You can see several royalty free music tracks and each one comes in several variations - a main theme, then other shorter edit versions as appropriate, e.g. a commercial cut (usually 29 seconds for TV and radio commercials), a "Sting" (short piece to set a scene, or play into commercial break), and loops (these loop seamlessly from the end back to the start, to use as background on a website using Flash, or as longer 'endless' music beds for example)

Click the button to audition the music you want to hear, and the music will start to play in a new popup that looks like this:


Want to download an mp3 preview to try it in your project? Click

Click to see more details about the track, such as the composer name, publisher, description.

By clicking , you can select the license, and the music will be put to one side until you are ready to proceed with your purchase.

Once you have selected all the tracks you wish to use in your production, simply click the " Cart/Checkout " button/link to make your payment via credit card. Once you've paid you are taken instantly to a page where your music files are waiting for you to download - this is completely automated, so you won't have to wait to access your music. Now all you have to do is download the music files to your computer, and they're ready to use!

Advanced Search - click this button for a more flexible way to search - it's like Google, simply type in what you are looking for and click "search". For example you could type "bach", "big band swing" or "sad mozart" (tip - don't include the " ) and you'll see exactly what tracks fit the description you've typed.