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How to use this site

(for general help & FAQ click the 'help' menu on the right...)

We specialize in providing online royalty free music (also known as buy out production music).

Search easily for the style of music you require, audition pieces to find your best choice, then instantly download your selection in WAV and high quality 256-bit MP3 formats. You get the royalty free music you need - when you need it!

The site is designed for Television Production Companies, Media Producers, Directors, Radio Companies, Advertising Agencies, independent production companies, TV broadcasters, Multimedia Producers, Web Designers, Video Producers.

How to Find the Right Music

Finding the right royalty free music for your project is very quick and easy, using the on-site search engines, click Royalty Free Music at the top of this page to go there. Here's how it works...

Quicksearch - Select your choices from the six menu categories on offer - Genre, Mood, Instrument, Length, Tempo and Source and click "Search!". The more categories you choose, the more focused your search results will be.

For example if you only select "Fast" tempo, the list of royalty free titles offered to you will be long, and will cover many styles of music.However if you selected "Fast" tempo and "rock" genre, the list will be shorter and more specific. If you select "Fast", "Rock", "Romantic" and "Bassoon" as your choices, the result list of royalty free titles meeting all these criteria will be understandably short (how many rock pieces with a romantic basson solo can you think of...?!). If you are given no search results, try broadening your search by selecting less options from the drop-down menu.

The search results will give you a list of Track titles matching your search criteria, with a brief description and links to the media player and your shopping cart. The results page for your search will look something like this...

You can see for every music title, there are different length versions. Next to each is the time (length) of each version in minutes and seconds, and the price. The price is shown in $US but you can choose the currency when you checkout.

Main Theme - this is the longest version of the music track
Commercial Cut - designed for TV and Radio adverts, usually 30 seconds long
Sting - short versions (example 4 or 5 seconds) designed as stings, idents or break bumpers intoTV ad breaks

Loops - these versions will loop seamlessly from the end to the beginning, for example to use as background on a website using Flash, or to loop together to make a long continuous music 'bed'.

Click the button to audition the music you want to hear, and the music will start to play in a new popup window that looks like this:


The music player works with both Flash and HTML5, so will work in all popular browsers as well as devices such as iPad and iPhones. Flash is pre-installed on most computer systems, but if you need to upgrade your Flash player, it's free, and you can get the latest Flash Player version here

To bookmark the track for future reference, click the which will add the popup player to your browser's bookmarks. You can also use the links to email, facebook or tweet a link to the track.

To download a free "preview" mp3 of any track, click to download an mp3 version to your browser, ready to import into your project.

Advanced Search - If you click this button, you'll see a "Google-style" search box appear, where you can type in music search terms. This search is particularly useful if you are looking for royalty free track titles ( for example "potshot") or descriptions ("rock"), or specific terms like "Bach", "Beethoven", etc

If you like what you hear, click to add the music to your shopping cart. You'll be asked to select a license option - simply choose the license type that you need, from the license description and prices that are displayed.

Once you have selected all the tracks you wish to use in your production, simply click the " Cart/Checkout " button/link near the top/right of the screen. When you're viewing your shopping basket, you can listen again to the music tracks there, and remove them if you choose to. This is also a quick way to build up a collection of favourites, ready to choose from when you checkout.

Payment is via credit cards or Paypal. Once you've paid we email you a link to a page where your music files are waiting for you to download - you won't have to wait to access your music. Click the links to simply download the music files in WAV 44.1/16bit format or MP3 256kbit format to your computer, and they're ready to use!

Music Formats

Our music is available in both WAV and MP3 formats.

WAV (16bit/44.1Khz) is exactly the same as you will hear on a CD. The size of the file you download is about 10MB for every miute of music.

MP3 is slightly lower quality, but smaller file size. All our MP3 files are extremely high quality encoded 256 bit MP3 files, which offer a better audio playback than the more common 128 & 192bit rates that are often used. 256-bit MP3 files offer a superior clarity over 128-bit files that is clearly audible on good quality playback systems. The size of the MP3 file you download is about 2MB for every minute of music.


FREE MP3 and WAV Royalty Free Music

Here's a free WAV and MP3 track to download. It's available to use in any of your productions (see license page, click site map ) as with all our tracks. If you've never downloaded a track before, we suggest you try it on this one first before purchasing your own choices.


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