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Royalty Free Music News

News about our industry from around the internet. If you've some royalty free music news you think would be of interest to people using royalty-free.tv, then contact us with the press release details and we'll review it and post a link here if it's relevant. Remember, people using this site are interested in royalty free music, production music, and generally come from industries such as television programme making, advertising, commercials, filmmaking, radio, website sound, corporate communications and new media.

Performance Rights for Copyrighted Video Recordings - here's a useful article from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction about copyright issues relating to video recordings. It's written mostly about current US law, but there's lots of information about video and film-making that has relevant useful advice.

How and Where to Locate Podsafe Music for Podcasts This new industry understands the complexity of licensing professional music and the majority of these repositiories provide royalty free music clips for podcasters to use in their shows. http://www.submityourarticle.com/articles/index.php?cat=8

A Copyright Registration Certificate Provides Constructive Notice ... By Stefani Delli Quadri(Michael F. Kelleher) Even if they did prove their theory of retained performance rights, to the extent it was a defense, it was dismissed as part of the sanction imposed by the district court. The district court correctly determined that LAMCO and ACEMLA ... IP Law Observer - http://www.iplawobserver.com/

Avoid Getting Sued For Playing musicFor Your Business By uajquuz(uajquuz) Pleading ignorance seems to be an unacceptable excuse with performance rights organizations like ASCAP and BMI. If you want to play musicand not run afoul of the law seriously consider royalty free music. ... txqipzcgri - http://dveipdjfge.blogspot.com/

9.12.2006 Opuzz.Com Brings You Royalty Free Music In The Palm of Your Hand ... The Open Press (press release) - USA ... Opuzz.com, announces the launch of its External Hard Drive System giving power users access to over 100 CDs of more than 13,000 royalty free music tracks on a ...

9.12.2006 By mike.allan - I came across this site a year ago while doing a corporate video for a client who had no money but wanted music in their video. It’s called “Freeplay Music” and it has thousands of clips to choose from in 69 styles! http://vlogger.videozine.ca/?p=31

13.11.2006 Working with Royalty Free Music When creating Multi-Media Content ... By Caucasian If there's a need for music in a project, using royalty free music is essential. ... There are hundreds of choices when it comes to royalty free music and ... A lot royalty free music may sound like music from a 70's sitcom or worse, ... House Music Market - http://house-music-market.blogspot.com

13.11.2006 Use of Copyrighted Music on your DVD By Media Enhancements There is an alternative to using copyrighted music and that is royalty free music. There is a large selection of royalty free music of all genres available on the internet (try typing in “royalty free music” on Google). ... MediaEnhancements - http://www.mediaenhancements.com/MEblog/MEblog.html

14.11.2006 Christmas Music Collections By PremiumBeat.com NEW - Two Christmas Music Collections are now available. VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2 collections each contains 10 full tracks and loops from our Christmas music library. A great value at only $129.95. The perfect choice if you need several ... Royalty Free Music - http://premiumbeat.blogspot.com

14.11.2006 Djembe drum - djembe-l: Djembe-L ... Djembe-L is the premier, global By buddha Pre-packaged CDs, Sound Effects, Production Music, ... Monthly Contest. Contact Us. About Us. Strategic Partners. Sounddogs News ... results for 'Djembe' ... Source: www.sounddogs.com What to look for in an African Djembe ... Djembe drum - http://www.e-buddha.com/Djembe-drum


Independent authors just wanting a little respect... from fellow creators and collective societies, royalty free licensing, Copyleft and Creative Commons article in Digital Copyright Canada


Briefly: FMP 8 hosting; MathScore.com MacNN - Santa Clara,CA,USA ... Royalty Free Music -- Sound Effects -- Stock Music: Hear our large, fresh catalogue of professional grade Royalty Free Music / Buyout Music highly suitable for ...


Apple rolls out new iMacs, Mac Book Pro, iLife '06 Apple Insider - Pennsylvania,AL,USA ... include 200 royalty-free sound effects, 100-plus royalty-free jingles, automatic ... iWeb, which lets users share photos, movies, video podcasts, music, blogs, and ...


PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in podcasting, today announced the launch of the PodSafe Music Network(TM) (www.PodSafeMusicNetwork.com), the first independent online community that connects artists, podcasters and listeners into one exciting environment where fresh music can be discovered and used royalty-free. For podcasters, the PodSafe Music Network provides instant access to songs, interviews, and other elements as well as the tools and systems that can be used by podcasters to create royalty-free music podcasts, as well as to build and monetize a listener base. For artists, the PodSafe Music Network provides the ultimate outlet to showcase, promote and market their music. For listeners, the PodSafe Music Network features a broad range of the best independent music and original content in single-play or podcast formats, as well as a community for purchasing, voting for and promoting their favorite music and mixes. PodSafe Music, created and supported by PodShow, is designed to meet the growing demands of podcasters for access to music that can be used without the restrictions placed on certain music by the recording industry. PodSafe music is a new term that has been coined in the wake of the podcasting explosion. It means music that is provided by artists or labels that control their own rights and understand the promotional power that can be created by offering their music royalty-free for use within podcasts.


Artbeats Goes Global with New International HD Collections ... founded in 1989, is an award-winning provider of royalty-free stock footage ... Some of Artbeats' clients include MTV, Direct TV, Country Music Awards, American ...


Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro, a long time PC favourite for desktop recording and editing, is upgraded to version 2.0, adding loop support and up to 128 audio tracks.


Royalty Free HD, Inc. (RFHD), a leading edge HD stock footage distributor, has added forty new HD titles, as well as 140 original HD clips to its newly enhanced website.


Have you ever bought a CD album and wished you could re-mix it yourself? It's coming soon to a store near you, here's how... www.stereophile.com


Using royalty free music loops with Cool Edit Pro http://mp3.about.com


Ulead VideoStudio 9 -now novices can make movies instantly with automated DV-to-DVD wizard, royalty free music and powerful features such as Chroma Keying and Flash Animation Overlays


Podcasting, ipods and royalty free music starbulletin.com


Percussionist Doc Gibbs' first collection of loops and one-shots has been released, along with more rhythmic expertise from master reggae percussionist Larry McDonald. harmony-central.com


Adobe Audition 1.0 Powerful audio editing, recording and looping ability with a video twist. hollywoodindustry.com

28 -1 -2005

Hip Hop EJay 5 released -this fun and easy software offers professional tools and effects for innovative, drop it like it's hot, hip hop music mixes. hitsquad.com


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