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Choosing by clicking the row of links above will give you whatever information you're looking for about our royalty free music. Check out our competitive prices, as well as our easy-to-follow license guide that explains just how easy it is to use our production music in so many ways.

The Review section contains some of the many unsolicited testimonials we've recieved from satisfied customers, plus we namecheck some of our major corporate media and broadcast clients - you know you're in good company! If you need to contact us just follow the link for all the details, plus you can read the news about latest royalty free music releases.

The 'writers' link is where you can check out the musicians and composers - we're not some faceless corporation, just a bunch of people putting our music where it can be found...enjoy!

Royalty Free Production Music to audition and
download whenever you need it 24-7

Over recent years Royalty free music has established itself as an increasingly important tool for professionals and amateurs involved in virtually every aspect of television, film or media-related production. Music is an invaluable resourse, and Royalty free music has become a virtual necessity for video production, film, television, new media, advertising, radio. Using a royalty free music library that offers only the highest quality buyout music and production music saves time (and therefore production costs). Production music taken from a library such as www.royalty-free.tv is an excellent alternative to paying for original music or a composer. Over time, or even on one project, using royalty free music can significantly reduce production costs always without any compromising of quality. All of this ensures that producers, directors and managers at production facilities will reduce their worries about overspending their budgets, and enable them to focus on producing their own creative productions.

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