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Latin music is the genre we think of as describing popular music coming from the Southern American countries, particularly Cuba. It is unique for the type of rhythmic structures it builds upon, and these rhythms are its strongest characteristic. Each particular rhythm, such as the samba, salsa, rhumba, cha cha cha, punta etc, is usually recognised by its very syncopated structure. Often with Latin music, various rhythms are played at one time, create counterpoint against each other resulting in exciting cross rhythms. Latin music was traditionally played by native string and percussion instruments such as the bongo, timbales, congas, guitar (including the nine-string Cuban guitar known as the tres). As access to newer instruments improved over time, they were added to the Latin music mix, so for example the piano replaced the guitar as the choral instrument, while the bass, woodwinds, trumpets and trombones were also added.

Cuban-originated music has achieved a lot of commercial success in recent years, with artists such as Gloria Estefan crossing over into the pop world and achieving popularity worldwide, while guitarist Ry Cooder and the Buena Vista Social Club have re-ignited interest in the more traditional 'son' form of Cuban music.

Copyright free Latin music is often sought after for many reasons, including for use in media productions, and our royalty free music library has a comprehensive collection of buyout Latin music to suit a range of requirements.

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