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Playing Royalty Free Music WAV and MP3 Files

iTunes - Audio player, download store, coverts audio formats, free for PC & Mac
WinAmp Audio player, Windows. Also converts MP3's to other formats.
MusicMatch Jukebox Audio player, Windows & Macintosh.

Converting Files for Editing Video

Most video editing platforms now support the MP3 audio format, and will easily import your download royalty free music files. Some older editing platforms don't always support the MP3 audio format (although this is changing as the format becomes a more widely used standard - check with your software supplier for recent upgrades that may include MP3 support), so a conversion to a supported format is sometimes necessary. For example, Avid supports .aiff, .wav, and QuickTime. There are several downloadable applications that will convert MP3's to almost any other format. "Audacity" is probably the most widely used free software and can be downloaded for free from the link given here. itunes and Winamp are primarily audio players but can be utilized for converting MP3's to .wav files

When using royalty free music from www.royalty-free.tv we recommend the following WAV and MP3 Players

For Windows & Mac, audio player and converter

Windows. Also converts MP3's to other formats

MusicMatch Jukebox
Windows & Macintosh

Also converts formats.


Links can be found to get the free software from our links/resources page at site map.

DO NOT USE Real Player FOR PLAYING YOUR DOWNLOADED MP3 as it permanently changes the files so that only Real Player can play them, by changing the file extension. Real Player will do this with any MP3 file you download or use.

Use one of our recommended players or Windows Media Player instead if you have this problem! Get it from our links/resources page at site map.

If Real Player on your computer plays your royalty free music MP3 files, you need to stop it doing this by:

  1. Open the preferences (settings) of Real Player.
  2. Select the "upgrade tab"
  3. Click on "re-associate"
  4. Uncheck "Mpeg audio" and "MP3 Playlist"
  5. Click OK

Install one of the free players above.

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