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Music For Television

Royalty Free Music For TV

For as long as television has been in existence, music has played an important part of it. Music has become essential in everyone's experience of TV and television programs.

Music in Television Programs

Music has been used from the very beginning. We've all seen music used to accompany the visual logos and idents of the TV broadcaster, in modern TV as well as older television. In early TV they even used background music during 'interludes' between programs. Perhaps the best use of music on television is in the theme tunes for TV series. Catchy promotional songs and jingles selling products and services in TV commercials, background music in a dramatic scene, show some of the countless other ways music is used on TV. Try to imagine the most popular TV programs without it, and you will realise how vital music is on television as a part of the whole experience. News broadcasts still have music to introduce them that is designed to sound serious and with a sense of urgency. This is to imply the importance of the information the program is about to impart. At the other extreme, cartoons have lively, energetic music that conveys the humour, energy and fun of the animation. Whatever kind of subject a TV program is about, TV music is used to set an appropriate mood. In everything from theme tunes, theme songs, background tension, lively chase scenes, romantic sentiments, the list goes on.

Choosing Music For Television

So where does TV music originate, and how do program makers decide which to choose? A TV program maker (the producer, director or editor) will face many choices when trying to decide on the musical styles to use in their project. They could commission a composer to write some new, original music especially for the program. This method is often used when a program needs to have a new, original flavour or strong brand identity. A composer can write a score designed to do exactly this, in whatever styles the TV producers think the most appropriate. Additionally, the program maker may choose to use an existing piece of famous music, or a popular song, as a theme for their program. Again this can be a great way to brand a program. By carefully choosing the right piece that's already famous, the program maker can forge a link with their intended audience

TV Programs and Production Music

But what about the background tracks, the kind of music we hear all the time behind scenes? Sad sounds for those poignant moment, or fast dramatic for those car chase scenes? Most TV program makers will use music that's already been written, and is available 'off the shelf' to use in exactly these contexts. These are recordings that have been specially written to convey a particular mood, or portray a certain musical style or genre. These recordings are then made available to TV producers and movie makers for them to use in their TV programs and movies. This kind of music is known variously as Production Music, Library Music, or Stock Music. The royalty free music we have available for licensing on this website is a good example of Production Music. Today royalty free production music is available online to anyone who needs great music for any kind of media product.

Music For Media

Music for media is a broad term, and can cover almost any kind of musical style we can think of. The main purpose of music on television is that it should work effectively to support and enhance the pictures that we see. And of course, music like this is not just limited to television! Exactly the same techniques that are used to choose music for a television programme apply whenever you are choosing music to accompany visual images. Movies, of every kind from major Hollywood releases, to student and competition films, to you-tube projects, corporatre training films, commercial movies of all kind for example TV advertising. Whatever the context, visual images are greatly enhanced when music is used to accompany them.

TV Companies who have used our royalty free music on television include BBC, ITV, SKY, ABC, MTV, CMTV, Discovery.

Royalty Free Music For TV


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