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Music In Television Advertising

Music in TV Advertising

The latest trend in TV advertising these days is great music. Advertisers and their agencies are looking to new artists who have a cool sound and memorable beat to peddle their wares and it is making little-known musicians quite famous. Gone are the days of catchy jingles people would learn after seeing a commercial a few dozen times. Now commercials have their own “soundtracks” and some even give the artist's name and the song title for consumers to find it and download it later. It is an effective marketing device and a win-win for both the advertisers and the musicians. Advertisers save money with cost-effective flat-fee buyouts from artists dying to reach a sizable audience and artists get their audiences. The exposure for artists has even surpassed what they could expect from radio airtime and everyone seems game to keep the trend going.

Building A Brand With Music

Some may lament these changes in the Tv advertising industries, but let's look at the advantages. Multi-national companies (and more modest agencies and advertisers) are saving serious cash by not hiring famous studio talent or paying huge royalties for popular songs every time they want to make a new commercial. It also helps high-profile brands like Apple Computer re-enforce their image as a hip and cool company with their fingers on the pulse of popular culture, further increasing their appeal with their target audience. By choosing new artists, companies become trend setters themselves in the ever-changing landscape of music licensing and promotion. For companies who have a certain sound in mind and choose to hire studio musicians, they usually recreate shorter songs similar to many of those chosen for other commercials in lieu of jingles or snappy ditties.

Musicians using TV Advertising

For many musicians struggling to be heard amid the noise of the music industry and unable to find their way in through traditional channels, the new style of music scoring for TV advertising is a boon. While the commercials themselves may not make the artist rich, the exposure received form providing the audio backdrop for a well-known company's latest ad is priceless as it almost invariably increases awareness of the artist and sales of their music, which is usually the goal for most working musicians.

The New Business Model

Music for TV advertising has come a long way from the days when chain-smoking agency executives crowded around the office piano while a nervous-looking jingle writer attempted to find something that rhymed with pain reliever. TV ad music has raised the bar for advertisers as they all scramble to find the next great song for their new commercial. It makes for good viewing and a beefed-up iPod playlist.

Here at Royalty-Free.tv you are dealing directly with independent artists. Our composers are independent writers and musicians, making their music as artists in a commercial world. Making thismusic available using a royalty free music license enables quick and easy licensing for our clients, to use their music to in TV advertising, and other audiovisual media.

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