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Make your royalty free music selection by browsing these categories:

GENRE - a comprehensive list of buyout music styles including pop, rock, classical, jazz, corporate, acoustic, world, soundalike and many more.

MOOD - let our copyright free music create the right mood, whether it's happy, sad, dramatic, regal, tense, calm, confident, eerie, etc.

INSTRUMENT - just select the instrument you'd like to hear featured throughout your choice of royalty free music.

TEMPO - you can select exactly the right speed at which you want your production music to run at.

Or Try Our Ready-Made Collections To Download...

30 Second Promos - High Energy: royalty free commercial music

30 Second Promos - Leisure/Luxury : royalty free commercial music

30 Second Promos - Fun & Friendly : royalty free commercial music

Piano Moods : royalty free piano music

50 Smooth Loops For Websites : royalty free website music

Corporate Presentations - Energy : royalty free corporate music

Corporate Presentations - Warmth : royalty free corporate music

Corporate Presentations - Power & Pride : royalty free corporate music

I.T. & Communications

Finance & The Markets

Global Economy

Chilled Contemporary : Royalty Free Chillout Music

Chilled Acoustic : Royalty Free Acoustic Music

Quiet Landscapes

Meditation & Therapy : Royalty Free Meditation Music

Traditional Christmas : Royalty Free Christmas Music

Crazy Christmas : Royalty Free Christmas Music

Holiday & Festivals : Royalty Free Holiday Music

Orchestral Promotional : Royalty Free Orchestral Music

Orchestral Drama : Royalty Free Film Music

Classical Favourites : Royalty Free Classical Music

Slapstick & Visual Comedy : Royalty Free Comedy Music

Zany TV Comedy : Royalty Free Comedy Music

Kids All Action! Royalty Free Kids Music

Babies & Toddlers: Royalty Free Baby Music

TV Teens & Tweens: Royalty Free Teen Music

Best Of American Country : Royalty Free Country Music

American Folk & Bluegrass : Royalty Free Folk Music

World Folk : Royalty Free Folk Music

Acoustic Mix : Royalty Free Acoustic Music

Acoustic Guitar : Royalty Free Acoustic Guitar Music

Dance : Royalty Free Dance Music

Electronica : Royalty Free Electronica Music

Smooth R&B : Royalty Free R&B Music

House : Royalty Free House Music

Hip Hop : Royalty Free Hip Hop Music

Urban R&B : Royalty Free R&B Music

Techno / Trance : Royalty Free Techno Music

Dance 2 : Royalty Free Dance Music

High Speed Action : Royalty Free Action Music

Action & Danger : Royalty Free Action Music


Dark Fantasy

Discovery (Orchestral)

Historical Drama

Late Night Jazz : Royalty Free Jazz Music

Magic & Fantasy (orchestral)

Family (Orchestral)

Horror 1 : Royalty Free Horror Music

Ghosts & Ghouls : Royalty Free Halloween Music

Orchestral Romance : Royalty Free Orchestral Music

Suspense & Secrets : Royalty Free Film Music

Movie Tension : Royalty Free Film Music

Memorials & Funerals

Land Of Darkness

Science Fiction (orchestral) : Royalty Free Sci-Fi Music

Kids Fun : Royalty Free Kids Music

Kids Adventure : Royalty Free Kids Music

Jazz Swing : Royalty Free Jazz Music

Contemporary Jazz Grooves : Royalty Free Jazz Music

Piano Jazz - Lively : Royalty Free Jazz Music

Blues : Royalty Free Blues Music

1900 - 1939





Pop Mix : Royalty Free Pop Music

Funk MIx : Royalty Free Funk Music

Feel-Good Rock : Royalty Free Rock Music

Classic Rock : Royalty Free Rock Music

Hard & Heavy Rock : Royalty Free Rock Music

Extreme Rock : Royalty Free Rock Music

Wedding Collection : Royalty Free Wedding Music

Middle East / Arabia : Royalty Free World Music

Piano Jazz - Cool : Royalty Free Jazz Music

Kick Off : Royalty Free Sports Music

Surfing & Boarding : Royalty Free Surf Music

Emergency & Rescue

TV Drama - Loving & Losing

TV Quiz : Royalty Free Quiz Music

Contemporary Romance

Nursery Rhymes

TV Makeovers

Nature & Environment

Circus & Zoo : Royalty Free Circus Music

Documentary Underscores : Royalty Free Documentary Music

Real Life Stories

Comedy - Bizarre & Unusual : Royalty Free Comedy Music

Travel & Discovery - Optimism

News - Themes & Shorts : Royalty Free News Music

African Landscapes : Royalty Free African Music

China & Japan - Traditional : Royalty Free Chinese Music

Asian Mix : Royalty Free Asia Music

Australian Landscapes : Royalty Free Australia Music

Northern Europe : Royalty Free French Music

Southern Europe : Royalty Free Italian Music

India - Contemporary : Royalty Free Indian Music

India - Traditional : Royalty Free Indian Music

Historical North America


Chilled South American

Dance Latino! : Royalty Free Latin Music

Fiesta! : Royalty Free Latin Music

Races & Chases

World Beat! : Royalty Free World Music

Silent Movie Piano

Contemporary Celtic : Royalty Free Celtic Music

Traditional Celtic : Royalty Free Celtic Music

Science Fiction (Rock)

Science Fiction (Synths)

Horror 2 : Royalty Free Horror Music

International Glory : Royalty Free Sports Music

Travel & Discovery - Mystery

Brazil : Royalty Free Latin Music

50 Fun Loops For Websites : Royalty Free Website Music

50 Edgy Loops For Websites : Royalty Free Website Music

50 Funky Loops For Websites : Royalty Free Website Music

Pop Mix 2 : Royalty Free Pop Music

Techno & Trance 2 : Royalty Free Techno Music

Breakbeat & Garage

Progressive House : Royalty Free House Music

Eurohouse : Royalty Free House Music

India Chillout : Royalty Free Indian Music

Summer Sunshine : Royalty Free Holiday Music

Science : Royalty Free Science Music

Science 2 : Royalty Free Science Music

Nature And Environment 2


Choosing the right buyout music to match your production requirements is easy when you browse through our extensive royalty free music library using our categories to guide you. We have a huge selection of stock music in every conceivable genre, from acoustic to urban contemporary, as well as sounds to suit any mood played at any tempo by any instrument you can think of!

So if you're thinking of taking advantage of all the benefits royalty free music has to offer your video, t.v., website, corporate or other type of media production, buyout music from our professional royalty free music collection is guaranteed to provide everything you need in the way of audio enhancement quickly, easily and, most importantly, affordably. Isn't that copyright free music to your ears?!!


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