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Royalty Free Music Styles and Genres

Dance Music Buyout dance music is as diverse as it is popular, and our royalty free library has a mind-blowing collection of stock dance anthems covering every style, including house, techno, progressive, ambient and trance - all of which can be used to give maximum effect to any music production. We are proud to be able to provide a contemporary selection of royalty free dance music that reflects the ever-evolving nature of this musical genre making it one the most versatile categories available with all the benefits of being copyright free. Learn more about dance royalty free music.

Easy Listening Music If you're looking for buyout easy listening music to complement a production, create a mood or just provide the right kind of atmosphere, our royalty free library has an excellent stock of easy listening music that encompasses a variety of styles to suit every eventuality. So if 'middle of the road' is what you need to achieve the required results, look no further than our collection of easy listening sounds and gain all the benefits of music that is copyright free. Learn more about easy listening royalty free music.

Funk Music Royalty free funk music from our exclusive buyout collection promises to reflect the rich and colourful sounds of a musical genre that continues to evolve and provide the inspiration that has influenced other styles throughout the years. Using something from our unique stock of copyright free funk music will guarantee the result you are looking for in any production that requires an input of sound that can only be described as.funky! Learn more about funk royalty free music.

Hard Rock Music For buyout music with serious attitude, our royalty free library has a selection of stock hard rock music, produced by professional musicians, that captures the very essence of a big sound with a die-hard tradition of maximum volume and a reputation for being every bit as aggressive as its name implies. With copyright free titles to rival those of the true monsters of rock, any production music requirements can be met simply by listening to our hard rock collection and downloading the track of your choice. Learn more about hard rock royalty free music.

Hip Hop Music Finding a quality selection of buyout hip hop music has never been easier if you take a few moments to browse through this stock collection from our exclusive royalty free music library. With its unique sound, hip hop has a contemporary attitude that has spilled over from its musical origins to an expression of lifestyle, making it a popular choice of copyright free music to be used in conjunction with many modern media productions. Learn more about hip hop royalty free music.

Blues Rock With its broad spectrum of musical styles, buyout blues rock music is a popular and versatile choice from our wide ranging royalty free music library. Whatever your production requirements may be, finding the right copyright free blues rock music couldn't be easier when you discover that our comprehensive stock offers an outstanding choice of blues rock that encompasses every element of this distinctive musical category. All you have to do is make your selection and download some of the finest royalty free music there is. Learn more about blues rock royalty free music.

Chamber Music Finding the right chamber music with royalty free benefits might seem a tall order when you think about the vast combination of elements that go to make up just one classical piece, but our royalty free library has an intimate collection of buyout chamber music that will provide something to suit the requirements of any production. Music libraries are an important resource when it comes to selecting that all-important sound-track, and we have a selection of buyout stock that is guaranteed to enhance any production needing a little classical input. Learn more about chamber royalty free music.

Church Music Boasting an impressive stock of buyout music covering every category of musical genres, our royalty free library can fulfil your production needs with its versatile selection of church music. With exclusive pieces ranging from the subtle to the grand, our copyright free church music will enhance the atmosphere of any production with the unique sounds of organ pipes, providing the perfect finishing touch at the click of a mouse - easily downloadable and royalty free. Learn more about church royalty free music.

Classical Music It'll take more than a few minutes to search through our impressive collection of royalty free classical music pieces to find the one that is right for your production requirements! With a stock selection that embraces the many different orchestral styles that have developed over the long and diverse history of musical evolution, buyout classical music has never been easier to obtain for any media production use. Professional copyright free pieces that are instantly downloadable and easy to browse - the hard part is deciding which one! Learn more about classical royalty free music.

Comedy Music To get the best possible effect from your comedy production, music could be your greatest asset, particularly when you can have easy access to such a comprehensive stock of buyout compositions by visiting our royalty free comedy music library. Designed with nothing more in mind than to enhance a comic situation and evoke a smile, our copyright free library can offer a selection that is perfect for any style of comedy, so why not take advantage of our expertise and enjoy the benefits of using our royalty free music resource. Learn more about comedy royalty free music.

Corporate Music If you need to put across an important message about your business, buyout corporate music can be a powerful tool, and our aim is to provide you with the right copyright free composition to perfectly complement your corporate business presentation or media production. Music from our royalty free library offers a stock range of styles comprehensive enough to satisfy all your corporate music requirements, with professional pieces that have been used successfully by many well-known companies as part of their business initiatives and promotions. Learn more about corporate royalty free music.

Jazz Music With an ambiguity that makes buyout jazz music the choice of musical genre suited to a whole host of different uses, from business marketing to media productions, our impressive stock of royalty free music can provide a selection of jazz styles that encompass a rich variety of sounds that characterize this influential and emotive category of music. Drawing from the genius of the great jazz giants, our collection of titles offers professional royalty free music to stop you in your tracks. Learn more about jazz royalty free music.

Latin Music The characteristic rhythms associated with Latin music make this a musical category that has specific uses in productions that require its unique sound. Evoking an atmosphere that is typically South American and never less than upbeat, our buyout Latin music titles incorporate a traditional Cuban flavour with a contemporary feel giving you a comprehensive royalty free music selection guaranteed to provide something perfect for your needs - instantly downloadable and all copyright free! Learn more about Latin royalty free music.

Drum and Bass Music Buyout drum and bass music is a relative youngster in the rapidly developing family of musical genres, but its distinctive sound makes it a popular choice for use in videos, t.v. and other media productions. We are delighted to be able to offer an eclectic, up-to-the-minute stock of royalty free drum and bass music proving that our understanding of the rhythmically complex composition of this unique musical category can provide professional copyright free music examples essential to many contemporary productions. Learn more about royalty free drum n bass music.

R&B Music Discover an eclectic collection of royalty free r&b titles that incorporate the complex blend of contemporary urban music styles which characterize this popular musical genre by browsing through our extensive royalty free r&b music library. With its broad spectrum of influences, this contemporary urban sound is both versatile and diverse making it ideal for use in a wide range of productions requiring the input of an up-to-the-minute soundtrack with all the benefits of being copyright free. Learn more about r&b royalty free music.

World Music If you're looking for a specific sound to enhance your media production, spend a few minutes browsing through our royalty free world music library and you'll be amazed at the diversity of our available stock titles. Demonstrating music unique to many cultures and countries from around the world, our professional music productions show our ability to emulate indigenous instrumental sounds offering a stock selection that has all the buyout potential you need to exactly suit your requirements. Learn more about world royalty free music.

Rock Music With a stock of buyout rock music capable of giving some of the best artists in the business a run for their money, our royalty free library can offer you a comprehensive selection that covers every aspect of this diverse and revolutionary musical genre. As a tribute to its popular use in video, t.v. and other media productions, rock music continues to be an internationally recognised influence on contemporary culture and an important part of many people's lives, making it highly sought after in a royalty free capacity. Learn more about rock royalty free music.

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