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Make your selection from one of the links opposite, or browse some of the more common questions we get asked.

"I can't get the payment to work"
Our shopping cart needs to be able to identify your computer, in order to maintain your unique order. You will need to have cookies enabled , in order to use the shopping pages to buy royalty free music. You should also make sure any firewall on your computer or network allows your computer to identify itself to our server.

"I cannot open my Receipt/Invoice PDF file"
When you make a purchase, we email your receipt and license as a PDF File, and also as text within emails. If you can't open the PDF file, this may be because - we are aware of some webmail services (for example Gmail) sometimes having issues with PDF's attached to emails, where they won't open. This is their issue that we cannot change, and does not affect most users. The solution for now is either:
1 - collect the entire email with attachment from your webmail account, to an email client on your computer, for example Outlook (PC) and Mail (Mac). The PDF will be there, and you can open it.
2 - the PDF contains your license, and invoice. Exactly the same information is contained in the 2 emails you recieve when making your purchase, as text in the emails - Print/use these emails instead as a record of your invoice and license. The PDF looks nicer to print, but the text content is the same :-)

"Popup pages - Why won't they appear?"
The additional track details on your search results appear in a popup page when you click "track details". If you are running popup disabling software on your computer (perhaps to 'kill' those annoying ads that appear on some sites) the page will appear in the main body of the page instead. In this case, you may wish to turn off your anti-popup software, or temporarily bypass it when clicking, most packages allow you to do this by holding the 'Ctrl' key down.

"I'm having trouble downloading my MP3 file or WAV loop"
Most downloads work perfectly, but occasionally you may encounter a problem getting access to your download. This is usually caused by a failure in communication between your browser and the server containing the file. The most common symptom of this is that the file appears as a php file instead of the MP3 you need - SEE NEXT PARAGRAPH ALSO. The first solution we suggest that fixes this most times is simply to close your browser (all windows) and re-launch it. You'll need to revisit the download page here and re-enter the two ID codes elready emailed to you when you made your purchase. This clears 90% of the problems reported to us.

The other cause of this problem can sometimes be caused by a firewall on your computer or network being set too exteme - the simplest solution is to either temporarily disable it while you download, or re-adjust it's settings to a less severe rating.

"The file isn't an MP3 or WAV file - it won't play!"
The files on our server are 256bit MP3 files, and WAV files (just WAV files for loops), but when you choose to download them your Internet Browser may give you an option to select the file type. Make sure this is always MP3 or WAV depending on your choice of file type, or the file will be downloaded and saved as another file type, and will not play. An easy fix, if this happens accidentally when you download, is to simple re-name the file once it's on your computer, including ".mp3" (without the " marks) at the end of the filename, and it will now show as being an MP3 file on your system. For a loop file, simply use wav instead of mp3 when renaming.

"I Lost my Internet Connection!"
If your download is interrupted for any reason, or you lose the file on your hard drive, (or any other such disaster!) don't panic. We email you a confirmation of your order, and include instructions on how you can re-download this file. You can download again (if you need to) as often as you want for 8 hours from this link. If you get repeated problems, email us directly and we'll help & advise you in any way we can.

Here's a selection of unsolicited testimonials from satisfied clients...

"Thanks for the advice - your track was perfect, and it's saved me a fortune" - PB, uk

"Great - especially liked 'Oak & Ash'" HP, Runmedia

"My customers are very pleased" DW, Odigi Productions

"More GREAT music! Thanks" Comms TV

"Thanks for the music.. it sounds great in our presentation. Thanks" AF, Angelfish Design & Advertising

"Great! More of this in the future please!" SL, Chromavision

"Thanks for your good work - your musicianship is never an issue!" DJ, Miracles Production

"Fantastic - I didn't know royalty free could be this good!" - JM, Producer BBC TV

"Thank you for producing such marvellous music, which in my opinion is of a quality well ahead of your competitors" IP, Nightingale Productions

" The best I have found - I keep coming back just to listen to the samples!" FG, usa

"The ( royalty free ) music is excellent" BM, CR Imaging

"Very good - just what I need - Thanks so much" JM, Rainbow Video

"Thank you!" WR Video Productions

"Very nice! The acoustic quality is cracking" K, Electric Picture Machine

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