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November 2008
We've added hundreds of new tracks in the past few months, from established media composers like Dynamedion, Mark Cook , Vernon Woodward and Michele Vanni. Mark, Vernon and Michele are all new additions to our composer roster, and they bring a wealth of experience with them, from working as producers and musicians in the pop world, to a mass of media commissions and advertising expertise - we're sure their music will be appreciated here. We now have over 3000 music tracks available to download, each one is carefully considered and prepared personally by us - it's our way of maintaining the high quality of the music we have available. Incidentally, we reject most of the music submitted to us by composers wishing to be included on this site, simply because we don't consider the quality to be good enough. We're passionate about quality - we know our customers are too!

May 2008
In the first part of the year we've added hundreds of new music files, plus we now have WAV loops available to donwload. In fact there are now over 2200 music tracks available to download - New music includes tracks from Simon Wolfe, Bjorn Lynne, Dan Gautreau, Chris Worth, Andy Potterton, Joe Williams, Anthony Clarkson, Stephen Cornish, Pat McCarthy. We've also added lots of Classical Royalty Free Music recordings - these are full "live" orchestral recordings, with choirs and soloists etc. as appropriate, not keyboard imitations. To date we've added works by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Allegri - over the next period we have many more recordings to become available covering pretty much every major classical work you can think of.

March 2008
More upgrades and improvements to the site this month, making it easier to bookmark the tracks you like when shopping, listen to the tracks in your shopping cart, plus a few other tweaks to make the site a good place to be when shopping for Royalty Free Music.

January 2008
Sixty new royalty free music tracks added from a new writer to royalty-free.tv, Vernon Woodward.

December 2007
New tracks added from Dynamedion, Jonathan Atkinson, and a new writer for us - Tony Hernandez.

November 2007
New tracks added from Dynamedion, Jonathan Atkinson, Matt Bosworth, taking the total number of music files available to download to over 1500.

October 2007
New tracks added this month from several sources, including some new to our site. Dan Gautreau has great credits as a writer, engineer and programmer including such artists as Kylie, Alicia Keys, All Saints, Five, Macy Gray. Jonathan Atkinson is a prolific composer for media, and this month also saw the first of his colection go 'live'. We also added a whole heap of christmas tunes, they sound fantastic!

March 2007
Improvements to the site's useability again, this time with a major server change - more space, more speed to accomodate the growing number o fpeople using the site. The result is that the site's faster to use, can accomodate more people using it at one time especially listening to audio in realtime. Of course we've also added a few more music tracks too, although we have plans to add much more later this year.

January 2007
We made some major to the audio previews on the site, so that now they use Flash to play. Some clever coding was needed to achieve this the way we wanted within the existing site framework, but the result is good - the previews are now CD quality stereo streams, they start almost instantly, and are much quicker to use across almost every sort of browser. We've kept the windows media lo-fi samples too though, for those on slower dialup internet connections. The new search results now look something like this...

Title Description        
Tornado Alley Melodic up-tempo guitar rock
Main Theme:   3'28"  
Commercial Cut:   30"  
Stings (number):   2  


August 2006
We've been busy over the past couple of months. First of all we moved premises, including our in-house studio. Our correspondence address remains the same, but our phone number has changed, you can see the new details on the foot of most pages on the site, also our contact page. The move did mean we were out of touch for a few days, which required some patience from those customers who wanted to talk to us during that time, but everyone was very understanding and patient, which we really appreciated - thanks! The other change lately is that due to demand from our customers, we've upgraded the MP3 downloads to be 256-bit files. This was probably overdue, when we started the site 5 years ago most people were still using dial-up connections, and we had to keep file sizes as small as possible to make the download times manageable. Now that high speed broadband connections are much more common, file sizes don't matter so much and most people are happy to download files of 4-6 Mb, which is an average music file size on our website. We always take great care with the audio quality of our files, in the past we've haad many compliments on the quality of our MP3's and they've been used on everything from Hollywood Movies to national TV networks, so we know all our customers will appreciate the greater fidelity of our new files. We can't wait to see where they end up being used!

June 2006
Well it may seem a little early, but it's usually just after the summer breaks that those Christmas productions start appearing on the horizon, so what better time to add some new and different Christmas tracks to the site? Royalty Free Christmas music with a difference, these tracks take some traditional tunes as well as new compositions, and present them in a bright and contemporay way, with more than a hint of tongue-in-cheek. Definitely the freshest and most fun royalty free Christmas music you're going to find...

March 2006
World Music additions, royalty free music flavours from around the world, soundtracks that all have a contemporary feel. There are 12 main themes, plus 30" commercial cuts perfect for TV & radio advertising for every track, also a broad selection of underscores.

Feb 2006
A lot of our customers use this website regularly to buy royalty free music, and have been asking us for ways to make the purchasing procedure easier. Some have also been asking for ways to allow several people in the same workplace, such as a broadcast or production company, to be able to access and download our music files. We've responded by introducing our PowerUser scheme, a quick and easy way to access our music. Click here to read more about it.
The basic advantages of registering are:
1. one-click checkout, so you don't need to re-enter your personal and credit card details
2. authorise colleagues and employees to buy music on one 'company' account
3. online account area to view your purchase history

May 2005
More titles added, this time from the new Notepad Music collection "On The Edge". Extreme, all-action buyout production music, these are all exciting, tense and up-tempo buyout tracks, perfect for sports sequences, chases, speed and attitude. Perfect for TV & radio advertising, action shots, exciting drama seuences. Click to listen to all the new copyright free music tracks

November 2004
More titles added, this time from a writer new to our site - The Futz Butler. With a list of great credits, this guy writes for so many stations and corporate clients he really knows the business, check out his music for yourself by selecting Futz Butler in the drop-down 'writer' menu on the main search page - look on the left..

October 2004
New titles added from the notepad library collection "Piano".

July 2004
This month our library grows again, we finally reach 1000 tracks available to download, with the addition of over 200 new music files from Vincent Varco, Matt Bosworth, Nekta, Bjorn Lynne and the Dynamedion music library. There's an enormous range of styles here, but all top quality as usual! We're particularly pleased to add the Dynamedion library to the site, as they are well known as one of Germany's leading companies for game soundtracks and game design, you can visit their website here to read about the award-winning soundtracks they've composed..

April 2004
We're pleased to add some more Classical royalty free music to the site this month, with some superb recordings by the Moscow International Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Konstantin Krimtz. Recorded at the Mosfilm studios these fantastic recordings have been digitally mastered, they sound fantastic - we're convinced these are the best classical recordings available as royalty-free anywhere. Listen for yourself with this royalty free classical music mp3

March 2004
Over 100 new mp3's added this month! As well as additional material from Simon Wolfe, we're pleased to add new material from Vinvent Varco and Christopher Rowand . Hear their music by selecting their name in the drop-down 'writer' menu on the main search page - look on the left...

November 2003
Loads of new music added this month - Three new writers now have their production music available here for you to download and use - they are Matt Bosworth, Simon Wolfe, and Nekta . Hear their music by selecting their name in the drop-down 'writer' menu on the main search page.

September 2003
Royalty-Free.tv was awarded first prize
in the South West region of the UK Online E-Commerce Awards 2003, for e-business startups. A silver trophy, a certificate and a cheque were presented to the business partners Liz Radford & Gavin Courtie, and they go on to the National finals in London on October 8th.

June 2003
New tracks added to the site from two new royalty free music CD releases, Notepad Music's "Touch of Class" and "Useful Underscores". From "Touch of Class" we're pleased to include Ostinato in D, Allegretto in F Minor, Way Ahead, Adagio in D Minor, Jubilate Deo (which has a great vocal version included), Sautille Lacrimoso, Tenderly, Undercurrent, Placido Pavane in C, and Capriccio in A. Tracks available from "Useful Underscores" are Streamline, Grunge Match, Leftified, Hot Picks, Crazy Talk, Speedfreeks, About Face, Freewheelin' , Man-Machine, Manic Menu, Storm, Inner Spira, Glide Away, Jaco, Golden Gate, EZ Street, Purify, Dark Sound, Dark Drum, Haunted, Stratosphere, Bass Motives, Silicon Valley, Prime Suspect, Present Tense, Now You See Me.
Check them out using the advanced search feature, simply type in the title you wish to listen to.

May 2003
New royalty free tracks added to the site from Bjorn Lynne's childrens album "Kool Kids Club". Tracks include Pig Detective, The Snowman, Cowboy Kartin', Nice Day Out, Kool Kids Klub, Sweet Dreams Princess, The Circus, Open Pod, The Spooky Pumpkin Head, and Nighty Night. Check them out using the advanced search feature, simply type in the title you wish to listen to, or type children to list them all.

March 2003
"Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us"...etc etc...
Yes - it's been a year since we put the site online - first of all a big "Thanks" to all of you who've supported us throughout the year, and thanks also for the messages/emails you've sent us. It's great to see that our new venture is working well for so many of you - royalty free music available and on-demand when you need it. Throughout our first year it's been satisfying to see the wide variety of uses you put our music to - so far it includes websites, corporate DVDs & videos, cable TV, national TV broadcast on BBC in the UK, internationally-networked satelite broadcasts and computer games. Thanks again!

January 2003
Back to work after the holidays, and full of good intentions we've given the site a freshen up - nothing major, but now in response to some of the questions raised by our customers you'll find more info about royalty free music, advice on using it etc, all easily accessible. Also, for our US customers buying royalty free music and using American Express to pay, we can now accept and process your payment entirely in $US (rather than showing you the price in ££ as before). Other cards have been able to do this for a while now, but Amex took a bit longer to organise...but now it all works smoothly - thanks for your patience.

November 2002
More royalty free music tracks added - Christmas tracks from Bjorn Lynne, some new additions from the AVP library, and a useful historical selection of tracks from the Notepad Royalty Free Music Library, featuring styles of music from throughout the 20th Century.

August 2002
Royalty-free.tv now accepts payments via American Express, as well as the other major cards. Payments appear online in £UK at present, although your card will be debited in your home currency, and $US acceptance is being added to the site as soon as possible. Thanks to all of you who've been in touch to request this, it's always good to get feedback, and even better when we're able to do something about it! Hopefully paying for royalty free music downloads is now even easier...

July 2002
We've been really pleased (and suprised!) by the response so far to our new royalty free music site. What can we say except "thank you" to all our customers! Particular thanks to our new customers who are now finding us from around the world - apart from the USA www.royalty-free.tv is being used by people from all corners of the globe, from Mauritius to Russia, Singapore to Argentina, and of course UK & Europe. Thanks to you all for using the site, we hope you'll come back again soon and get the benefits of more royalty free music.

May 2002

New titles added from Bob Cartwright. Bob's been writing for TV, film and video for years, check out his biography on our writers page (found at the site map). He's a prolific writer with such a large catalogue of royalty free music, that this is only phase 1 of his additions to royalty-free.tv, more to follow next month! We're pleased to be able to give you the opportunity to listen & use titles from this successful composer.

April 2002
New royalty free music titles added from award-winning composer/musician Bjorn Lynne. What can we tell you about multi- talented Bjorn and his music - it's almost easier to tell you what he hasn't done! Read about him on our writers page and visit his website to check out what an accomplished writer he is (found at the site map).

March 2002
Launch of www.royalty-free.tv, the royalty free music online library.
(cue FX band playing, bells ringing, fireworks exploding etc etc).
Under the glare of the world's media (well, a few friends and some champagne) the site finally goes 'live'.

July 2001
Work starts on the new website for www.royalty-free.tv

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