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PowerUser Benefits...

Register as a PowerUser- it's easier and faster, plus you get a 10% discount!

If you use royalty free music regularly, the PowerUser scheme will help you...

1. a one-click checkout - saves you time

2. 10% discount on every download purchase, unlimited quantity.

3. allow colleagues and employees to buy music on one authorised account

4. an exclusive online account area to view your download/purchase history

Read more about the benefits

This feature is not available at the present time

Here's how to Register


When you apply for your PowerUser account, you...

register your details with us

Choose your PowerUser password

We will...

Email you a confirmation once your application is approved

Email you a link to your own account area

Give you 10% discount on all download purchases


Once we have processed your application, your account will be activated. This may take a day or two, although it's usually much faster - we're a small company, and we're often busy in the recording studio, so please be patient.

Once your account is activated, we'll email you and you can start using your PowerUser password when you checkout. Simply click the button on the cart/checkout page.

You can also share this Password, for example with your colleagues or business associates, enabling them to download music using the same account. If you wish to change your password at any time, just contact us and we'll do this for you.

We will email you a link to your own account area, where you can review your purchase history at any time. Any purchases made on your account are easily visible, in real-time as they happen. Of course, we also email you instantly to confirm any purchases made, so you have your own record of purchases on your account.

Your credit card will be billed for the purchases made on your account, and a receipt emailed to you. You can check your purchase history at any time simply by logging in to your exclusive area onsite. We charge a minimum of 1 full-length download each two month period, less the 10% discount of course, so as a regular customer this costs you nothing but saves you 10% on all your music downloads.

Registering as a PowerUser is not for everyone...

if you only purchase a royalty free music track every now and then, we recommend you continue to pay and download in the usual way. When you register as a Poweruser we will assume that you purchase at least one full length track every two months.

However, if you use our music regularly, and wish to make the whole process a lot faster and smoother, we definitely recommend registering - plus you save 10% on all downloads!

Best of all - registering is free!

We don't want it to cost you anything to enjoy the benefits of joining as a PowerUser, so belonging won't incur any extra costs for you or your company, all we ask is that you download at least one full length track every 2 months...In fact, we will give you a 10% discount on all your download purchases!


Become a PowerUser here


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