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Royalty Free Music by Jonathan Atkinson

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composers Jonathan Atkinson. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select Jonathan Atkinson as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

Follow The Sun

Strong, fresh acoustic guitar rhythm with laid back gentle percussion, slow guitar melody over. A wide, bright, relaxed sound for an easy feel

A Dark Place

Dark, slow unsettling held organ chord with occasional percussion, rhythmic reversed congos creating a strange mechanical feel

Ancient Wonder

Long, strange tension chords as an unsettling, developing atmosphere, never resolving, this track holds a consistently dark mood


Slow, warm sounds bring these developing chords in a circle, soft and positive with a feeling of reassurance


Long strings and warm keyboard sounds creating a platform of eerie but not unsettling ambience, lots of width and space


Chilled electric piano rhythm below high warm melody, percussion creating progression, constant, steady confident motion


Laid back electric piano with snappy electric drums, chilled and mellow with a little groove, warm and with confidence

City Nights

Funky forward motion, electric piano, drums and percussion with a little funky guitar. Bright and fresh, great for corporate work, warm and positive


Dancy, kicking, energetic track with full-on feel, happy vibe and lots of movement, bright fresh electronic sounds and strong rhythms.


Strong kick drum, evolving synth parts over, lots of space and progression, technological feel, computers, software, machines etc, positive and optimistic

Strange Club

Big spacy atmospheric royalty free music sound wash over insistent kick drum and hi-hat, open but forward-moving, good for corporate technology, web sites, hi-tech industries, positive and fresh

Café Quarter

Funky drums with cool electric piano chords over, synth licks occasionally, creating a busy but laid-back feel, good for corporate, urban or travel


Confident piano and acoustic guitar with light, strong drums, a wide-open and progressive feel, multiple uses, positive and feel-good

Do Your Thing

Brass and hammond organ with acoustic guitar and strong drums, steady and fun, cheerful and confident

Double Trouble

Drum loops and synths create this positive and contemporary track, dancy and progressive with some tension

Fools Paradise

Bright, consistent rhythmic synth and drums, with electric guitar notes over, positive and with a detailed feel, corporate, industrial, software and computing etc

Happy Go Lucky

Confident, open rhythms and synth with acoustic guitar chords wash, wide and bright, light and easy


Dark, chilled synth loop creating a feel of constant motion, with brighter sounds over, progressive, contemporary TV

Mover Groove

Bright, progressive loops, dancey and chilled, confident - contemporary TV

Night Metropolis

Contemporary, daytime TV track, fresh, cycling sounds and rhythms, brught and cool

Perfect Vision

Dramatic piano with steady latin style rhythm, melody over, dark drums and strong feel

Piano Rain

Constant moving piano notes with fresh soft drums and light synth, atmospheric and interesting

Slow Joe

Slow bright drums with low synth riff and rhythmic synth, mysterious and strange

Time To Go

Light airy piano cycles with progressive acoustic guitar rhythms, spacey drums and occasional hammond organ

Urban Tribe

Dark, tense low synth riffs with hard attacking drum rhythms


Mellow, contemplative synth with soft, bright drums way back, easy and cool feel


Warm, open sound with lots of space, light drum loops and developing synth sounds


Fresh, cycling rhythms and synth sounds, progressive and forward moving, light, hi-tech


Electronica drums meet cycling electric piano funk groove, creating a positive, mellow sound, funky but light royalty free music


Fresh loops and sounds create positive open feel, light but strong, big stereo spread


Cycling warm synth riff develops with acoustic guitar and piano into a full, imaginative wide feel, accessible and contemporary


Intense hypnotic beat with subtle developing loops, steady but insistent pulse, sensuous and intimate


Forward moving loops - cool light notes over consistent low synth bass, progression and development, design and evolution of ideas

Touch The Sky

Wide electronic sound-scape with light, fresh drums, hi-tech sound, software development, 21st century corporate, information technology etc

Adrenalin Junky

Fast, energetic techno, insistent and hypnotic, clubs, dancing and young people


Fresh techno track, loads of energy, positive feel, teen and youth culture, dancing, clubbing, parties

Night Express

Trance, bright and fresh royalty free music sounds over dance rhythms, all-night feel


Trance, hypnotic exciting contemporary grooves, fresh feel

Asian Persuasion

Sitar and tabla rhythms with fresh synth sounds, dynamic and confident, India and Pakistan in the 21st century

Bombay Hustle

Contemporary groove, bass and hammond organ, with sitar melodies over, feeling of a big city, positive and progressive


Fusion of Indian sitar and tablas with a contemporary groove, exciting and atmospheric, positive feel


About Jonathan Atkinson

Jonathan Atkinson is an established UK composer who composes contemporary music for TV and Production Music Libraries Worldwide.

Television broadcasts to date include BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, C4, C5, National Geographic Channel, UK Food, Quiz TV, Sky Travel, GMTV, Discovery UK, Discovery Europe and Discovery USA and many more.Jonathan has composed over 200 Production Music tracks currently in circulation.

Focusing on contemporary music, Jonathan has a strong awareness of current trends and as a result finds himself constantly in demand as a composer for cutting edge media projects

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