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Royalty Free Music Catalogue Index

Here's a list of all the composers who have royalty free music available to download and license through this website on our music search page. Click on a composer's name to see full details of all their available music tracks.

Liz Radford

Gavin Courtie

Bjorn Lynne

Bob Cartwright


Matt Bosworth

Vincent Varco

Jonathan Atkinson

Simon Wolfe


Futz Butler

Chris Worth

Vernon Woodward

Mark Cook

Michele Vanni

Skip Peck

Alex Khaskin

Tony Hernandez



About Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music describes music that comes with a license to use it your own audio/visual productions as much as you want after paying a one-time license fee to the music's Rights owner. It really is as simple as that, which is one of the beauties of using it, and why so many individuals and companies now choose to use music licensed to them in this simple way.

When music is used in media situations, for example in TV programmes, films, websites, whoever owns the various 'rights' to the music must give their permission for their music to be used. Traditionally, the payment and licensing process to do his could be costly, and was usually on a per-use basis. Royalty free music attempts to make this easier by offering a simple license structure, allowing the media producer permission to use the music repeatedly and in many ways without having to purchase additional licenses.

Royalty free music came to prominence during the eighties and nineties, before this producers and broadcasters would pay for music licenses in the traditional way, paying a fee each and every time they used a piece of music. So if for example they used a piece of music 3 times in a television show, they would pay three fees, and would have to pay those same 3 fees again each and every time the show was re-broadcast. The new Royalty-Free licensing model made this much simpler, with just one simple fee up-front, and the producer's then allowed to re-use the music over again, saving them much time, inconvenience - and money!

The license for royalty free music that we give is typical of those in the industry, giving you the permission you need to use the music in synchronisation with other visual or audio events in your own new production. Typical uses would be background or theme music in a television programme or commercial, introduction or incidental music on a radio show or advertisement, background music in a film, podcasts. Other uses for our music include background music for websites, music on hold, corporate DVDs, personal slide shows - the list goes on, there are far more uses!


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