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Royalty Free Music by Mark Cook

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composer Mark Cook. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select Mark Cook as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

Art Of Space

Slow, gritty but slightly mellow urban ambient track, an electric piano riff blends with hard laid-back drum rhythms, warm strings in middle section

Atlantic Groove

Chilled mellow funky groove with hip hop drum rhythms, funky guitar and lots of space, a relaxed overall vibe


Ambient, cool and calm royalty free music groove, slow strong rhythms and long warm synth chords, subtle and consistent


Warm, mystical, dreamy atmosphere with layered synth sounds and occasional light asian female vocal

Eastern Sky

Repeating slow piano figure with asian feel, blended with spacious strings and warm synth for a peaceful feel


Unusual edgy medium paced track with disconcerted electric guitar riff, ethnic percussion, a repeated "I love you" whispered female vocal and overall feel of imbalance


Smooth, confident, understated track with nice little groove, warm keyboards and light strings creating a positive but light atmosphere

Moving In Circles

Warm acoustic guitar with light, bright strings and cheerful, positive rhythms, upbeat without being too forceful

Summer Of Love

Retro pop with rhythmic acoustic guitar, light electric guitar details, happy drums, 1960s easy vibe

Summer Rain

Chilled ambient pop groove with female vocal repeating over warm guitars, low synth bass and piano, creating a solid but dreamy atmosphere


Soft, swirling ambient textures with light female vocal repeating "you truly love me", peaceful and tender


Soft electric piano slowly moving through chords with warm string textures and very light percussion, a chilled, easy vibe

Wow Factor

Cool ambient groove with solid but light drums, warm guitars and lots of texture, positive and smooth

999 Emergency

Tense, medium paced guitar based royalty free music track for drama and pressure situations, drums and percussion maintain a steady momentum, overall anxiety and need for action

Breakbeat In The City

Energetic, confident brash track for movement, fast paced images, strength and brightness


Bright and energetic with brash drums, swirling synths and electric guitar riff

Fade To Blue

Easy, smooth ambient groove with warm keyboards, drums and light piano, an assured feel

Fight School

Funky gritty track with lots of attitude, electric guitar grooving over solid drums with synth impacts


Assured, spacious track with warm opening into drum and electric guitar rhythmic patterns

Moving On Up

Fun retro 1960s (sixties) pop funk groove, electric guitar and hammond organ riffing over crazy 1960s drums and bass, big brass stabs add impact

Mystery Tour

Dreamy mystical journey music, strange synths with soft high piano patterns and low bass tones creating swirling spinning feel

Pure Voices

Soft voices moving slowly over light ethnic percussion and acoustic guitar notes, creating a peaceful, one-world feel

Saturday Night

Retro 1970s (seventies) disco soundalike of the dancefloor favourites, funky guitars, grooving bass, brass stabs and those disco rhythms


Smooth r&b with romantic chilled groove, solid and sweet rhythm section with warm keyboards and strings and occasional female vocal


Easy, relaxed guitar based pop royalty free music, electric guitar chords roll along with light drums and a little synth

Look Inside

Understated mellow rock track, a little dark and a little chilled, warm guitar sounds and forward moving drums


Groovy mid paced strong pop with a little rock guitar for good measure, a solid and positive sound

In My World

Three part rock/pop track, starts with moody minimal guitars, builds to stronger second section, at 55 seconds goes to a strong and positive rocky third section, soft ending

Londons Burning

Retro 1970s (seventies) soundalike of well known British punk band, energetic guitar track with lots of attitude


Chilled electric guitar chords and notes blending to create contemporary cool ambience, no drums or bass, just guitars

Stones Throw

Confident electric guitar pop track, strong and positive feel, good momentum and good vibe

Teen Rock

Teen pop rock with positive energetic vibe, big electric guitars alternating with strummed acoustics, progressive drums throughout

To Fly Away

Slow electric guitar groove with relaxed and easy feel, lazy strong drums and moving synth chords create a warm feel


About Mark Cook

Mark started his musical career as a lead guitarist and played professionally for 15 years. During his performing career he co-wrote and arranged for several bands, and discovered while working with top producers & engineers he had a flair for production. He now writes and produces his own tracks for film and television music, and after gaining experience working with some of the leading production houses in London, has set up on his own.

Specializing in rock/indie and chill out styles, Mark has had success writing for numerous commercials and television programmes, broadcast on terrestrial and major network channels.

His talent and expertise as a guitarist/songwriter enables him to produce professional, contemporary and original tracks with creative, high end production - ideal for the film and television industry.

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