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Royalty Free Music by Dynamedion

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composers Dynamedion. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select Dynamedion as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

Track Title

Track Description

Yellow Cab

Simple easy listening with hand claps, percussion and horn riffs


Happy, warm easy listening from the 1960s, female vocal scats with vibes over light bossa nova rhythms, acoustic guitar solo in middle

Sunny Day

Dreamy, light easy listening from the 1960s, flute solos over late night band, warm and friendly


Meditative, calm easy listening from the 1960s, subtle solos from a soft electric guitar over light, latin rhythms


Soft, late night easy listening from the 1960s, a warm electric guitar melody and vibes wander over slow latin rhythms from the band

Dog Brain

Mellow, jazzy easy listening from the 1960s, a little brass and some avant garde keyboards create a dreamy vibe

Red Bossa

Playful, relaxed easy listening from the 1960s, latin rhythms with band, brass section, piano and short trumpet solos

Sad Bossa

Slow and dreamy easy listening from the 1960s, slow bossa nova rhythms with relaxed female vocals, romantic, restaurants and holidays


Classic, fun easy listening from the 1960s, loose latin rhythms with female vocal scatting over, great for scene setting and intermission style vibe

Ghostly Bossa

Light, uneasy latin rhythms with acoustic guitar, soft ghostly theramin solo over, bossa nova for the paranormal


Ethereal sounds and soft, steady drums with soulful violin melody over, wistful and just out of reach


Emotive, mid paced contemporary royalty free music track with acoustic guitar and rhodes electric piano, relationships and working things out

New York Skyline

Chilled drum groove with warm electric piano riffs, late night American jazz style

House Of Tales

Blend of warm, trippy electric piano over confident dark drum groove, cool chords, night time vibe

Cool Water

Chilled grooves in jazz meets science fiction track, cool electric piano riffs and laid back drums with a little low sax

Cloudy Sky

Chilled electric guitar jazz melody over light funky drums, measured and groovy


Spacious, dark and dreamy vibe from electric piano and acoustic guitar, rhythmic and understated


A soft mystical beginning moves into a stronger, dramatic orchestral section, magic and mystery, flying on a broomstick, spells and Harry Potter-style adventure


Soft, tender piano and orchestra create a romantic atmosphere in a filmic style


Epic and dramatic orchestra and choir, strong chords and choral progressions


Melancholy orchestral baroque with harpsichord, slow and stately but an air of sadness and drama


Creepy, orchestral suspense moving from eerie tension with male choir to stronger, dark moments, and then back again


Unsettling, eerie orchestral suspense track, begins very soft then strengthens with brass and strings to a broader, dark ending

Science Fiction

Light, determined orchestral movie theme, quest for knowledge, discovery, new places, computers and technology

Modern Chase

Exciting, dramatic orchestral action movie music for chase sequences, danger, pursuit, suspense, rescue

Journey To Neverland

Light, magical orchestral fantasy track, air of wonder and mystery, consistently positive, great for kids adventure movies and science fiction

Orchestral Action

Orchestral suspense, building chords and increasing danger, strings and timpani, dark section at end

Strange Trip

Dark electronica trip featuring piano and double bass, ominous vibe and low groove

Get It On Up

Quirky, positive electro with a whole stack of samples including saxophone and low synths

Get Da Funk

Funky bass and drums under jazz electric piano riff with urban feel, occasional short vocal samples

Why Worry

Warm, funky drum groove under jazzy electric piano chords, chilled, experimental feel

Funky D and B

Light, funky feel with electric piano and a little guitar over fairly quick drum groove, just keeps moving

Feel Blue

Chilled American night music, mute trumpet meanders softly over a solid drum groove with warm electric piano


Spacious, hi-tech, light reggae groove with vocals, dub bass and warm futuristic textures

Cool Down

Funky, deep, technological groove, keyboards, synth and drums with low sparse bass

Smooth Reaction

Light, mechanical electronica, with a funky, hi-tech feel, interesting subtle groove


Airy textures from electric piano and high synth line accompanied by funky drums and harpsichord, very fluid and atmospheric

Distorted Velocity

Euro-house, mid paced with solid beat and evolving keyboard riffs and synth lines, occasional female vocal "come on"

White Room

House feel, but airy atmospheres and breaks, occasional female vocal, chilled groove


Euro-house track, up-tempo but chilled vibe, occasional male vocal, positive feel


Chilled dance muted groove with funky flute melody, up-tempo but mellow throughout


Dance, hard and muted start opens out into groovy tunes, solid dance beat with a synth riff and a little funky electric guitar


Strong, rhythmic dance track with slightly disco drum rhythms and funky guitar and keyboard textures, positive and energetic

Xtended Control

Fresh, happy dance track with flute sample, mellow feel, funky keyboard rhythms

See My Destiny

Trippy dance with happy vibe, includes vocals "I can see my destiny", light and fresh feel

The Way You Move

Light dance track with chilled groove, includes male vocals "It's in the way that you move"

Orange Launch

Slow, late night easy listening with electric piano and trumpet mellow solos, a hint of 1970s incidental music

Red Cat

Quirky, up-beat, retro, easy listening pop with a 1960s and early 1970s groove, soulful trombone solo and a little jazzy electric piano

Black Lounge

Up-beat, happy easy listening, reminiscent of 1960s and early 1970s TV incidental music, nice trumpet solo


Tense, uneasy soundscape, dark and dramatic, feel of foreboding


Worried, fearful soundscape, constant tension, alone and afraid

Easy Going

Travelling forward, determined and with courage, unfolding danger


Dramatic feel, constant motion, progressing steadily with energy, threatening surroundings

Never Look Back

Scary, uneasy atmosphere, facing danger, building tension

Major Achievement

Bold, dramatic, steady pursuit of goal, epic feel

The Big Apple

Broad sounds, dark land-scape, unfolding environment, tense but steady


Steady build, courage, single-minded, awareness of threat


Sparse, dark atmosphere, hostile environment, consistently restrained threat


Dark space, tense sparse percussion loop with distant sounds royalty free music

Drop The Edge

Energetic action, hard dramatic guitars and driving synths, strong angry drums


Fast, energetic action, sudden crunchy guitars with synth loops and driving drum rhythms

Hot Rising

Aggressive, determined and driving, rock guitars with choppy deep synths and driving drums, action, speed, challenge and adventure

Don't Do Drugs

Disturbing, fierce sounds and textures, harsh fast drums with aggressive synth and bass

Here I Come

Aggressive, exciting techno-driven rock, positive synths with solid, crunchy electric guitar

Gonna Regret It

Fast, funky fun synths over dance drums, positive and energetic

Small Fry

Strong, dynamic synths with big drums creating solid, energetic feel

Big Bustle

Dark, tubular synths with over-driven loops, intense feel with strong focus


Huge drum loops with funky fat synth riff and bass guitar groove, loads of energy and balance

Hammer It

Intense hard rock guitars with trashy dark drums and synth, slow royalty free music melody over fast driving rhythm loops


Moving through a threatening environment, fear, tension, progression, courage

A Walk In The Desert

Uneasy eerie atmosphere, dark synth and acoustic guitar, with steady percussion and occasional arabic vocal

Urban Gloom

Slow, uneasy sound-scape, distant darkness, sudden drums and synths, melancholy and sadness mixed with awareness of menace

Cold Fish

A steady build, from calm but tense, to ready for action - pace builds, action begins, pressure and confrontation, adrenalin and fear, falling back to a calm, dark ending

Save Our Souls

Danger and action, fight and flight, dark synths and dramatic drums with driving percussion

Heavy String Attack

Chase and pursuit, constant dark rhythms with low synth and busy drums, crunchy electric guitars

The Pulse

Fear and tension, long held chords with rhythmic synth pulse and dark atmospheric sounds

Get The Horror

Dark, fear, menace, long low synth notes, tense percussion


Echoing dark sounds, big spaces, uneasy atmosphere, fear and tension

Monitor One

Action against enemy, fast moving drums and synths, run, fight and chase

Race It

Positive, fun rock track for sports, racing etc. Loads of energy and a really "up" feel, excitement and exhilaration

Stringed Groove

Action rock track, fast paced guitars and driving drums, thrills and spills and teens

Jump In

Triumphant rock track, achievement and success, energy and passion with a will to win

Up The Hatch

Strong, aggressive rock for sports TV etc, edgy and determined, speed and excitement

Bang Your Brain

Solid stadium style rock, hard guitars blends into synth atmospheres, epic feel with strength and power

To Freedom

Starts with keyboards and dreamy feel, drives into rock section with big guitars, then alternates between the two feels, creating a positive, optimistic feel, solid and successful

Late Nights

Hard rock, huge crunchy guitars, no quarter given with constant aggression and steady drive


Edgy rock for sports television and film, driving rhythms and tense, aggressive guitars, end section speeds up into fast action, big finish

Hard Cora

Tense, aggressive rock, determined and exciting, solid rhythm with edgy, pushing guitar

Splash And Spill

Fast and furious hard rock, great riffs, exciting feel, crazy guitar solo over


Suspense movie trailer, tense start, into urgent, rising suspense, developes to big orchestral and choral epic drama

A Time Before Peace

Orchestral movie trailer for adventure / drama / family film, feel-good, friendly, challenge to be overcome

Move To Glory

Tense action movie trailer, suspense, unfolding danger, fear and excitement, over-whelming odds

Delta Forces

Dramatic action movie trailer, exciting and powerful, strength and courage, conflict and victory

The Battlefields

Dramatic movie trailer - life and death, drama and tragedy, passion and strength in war and conflict


Suspense action movie trailer, danger, risk and fear, combat and excitement, a rising threat, war and battle, courage under fire


Tense movie trailer in three parts - suspense, then action, then resolution, dark and strong, underlying anxiety, hidden dangers

War Myth

Suspense movie trailer, fast moving action with constant tension, fear and threat, darkness and danger, snare drum giving military feel, positive ending

Slow Intervention

Dramatic movie trailer, quiet tense beginning with a determined, steady constant rise throughout, ending with choir and orchestra finish

Roaring Tiger

Tense movie trailer, dramatic and powerful, but with mystical overtones, positive and strong ending

Little Ones

Exciting and mystical children's movie music, fully orchestrated, full of drama, wonder and adventure

Mr Tiny

Twisting and turning fast moving orchestral kids movie track, funny and energetic with plucked strings and timpani

So Beautiful

Really bright and positive kids big screen movie theme with full orchestra, epic feel, discovery and adventure

Land Of Wonders

Fresh, dreamy childrens movie music, wonder and magic, learning and growing, enjoying the world around us

Country Cake

A playful march, orchestrated children's movie music, bright and bouncy, movement and mimicry

Goodbye Love

Light, fluid children's movie music with full orchestra and short choir notes, running, leaves, snowflakes etc, happy and fresh

Night Is day

Slightly dark and tense childrens music, a mixture of dramatic sections with lighter moments, orchestrated and featuring horns and timpani

Arabian Thief

Dark and dramatic tension music for kids movie, flavours of Arabia and genies, danger and trouble ahead, drums and full orchestra


Soft, calm children's orchestrated movie track, opens quietly and gently, has a slightly darker section in the middle, returns to peaceful at the end

Monster Factory

Orchestrated scary suspense children's music, not too dark but tension throughout, overtones of magic and mystery

The Hour Of Triumph

Success and achievement, orchestrated track for movie theme, sports or corporate track, pride and triumphant, reminiscent of a 1980s sporting movie

Treasure Island

Big, epic, orchestrated opening music for adventure movies and tv drama, big open spaces and high seas, also makes great movie trailer music


Danger and excitement, fully orchestrated for drama / movie action, tension and challenge, storm, flood or avalanche etc


Uneasy, strange, slow orchestrated track for worrying calm, eye of the storm, temporary peace but still with foreboding, and possible danger ahead

Take Action

Dramatic, bold action and danger music, orchestrated, for film and drama, lots of energy and strength for fight, battle, chase, disaster etc

Medieval Village

Medieval or middle ages music setting the scene for village life, calm but slightly dark and mystical, would also fit rural and small town Tudor and Saxon from 12th-16th century


Gothic dark cathedral organ with drums and tubular bells, imposing and grand with drums creating impacts, epic feel for horror, danger, historical mystery and suspense

Medieval City

Medieval orchestral track for city life, confident and strong with regal feel, European trade and wealth in the middle ages, power and politics


Strange, calm, mystical orchestral track with wistful chords developing into a stronger and slightly darker feel, magic and mystery, fantasy and science fiction

Dark Stars

Orchestral science fiction track, begins peacefully, gains strength and develops to darker, more dangerous mood, grows in momentum then drops to a dark ending


Cool pop track with light acoustic guitar and strings over solid drum track, mellow overall feel and mid-paced

Red Spain

Hot, sultry little pop track with Spanish guitars and sexy mellow rhythms, late night in the bars by the beach, mellow and funky


Smooth mystical Spanish guitars over warm rhythms creating a mellow, romantic atmosphere with lazy Spanish feel


Cheerful, positive, light pop track with easy rhythms and feel of travel and new places, bright and optimistic


Bright dance track, warm sounds and a positive feel, plenty of energy, great for dancing, work-outs, fitness etc

Get Them Stars

Fat, funky synths with energetic drums, bright and positive, later joined by electric guitar groove and brass stabs creating a big open sound

Feel Good Factor

Light, funky pop with flute riff, bouncy drums with claps, bright and cheerful feel, mellow acoustic guitar middle section

Jungle Adventure

Fun jungle adventure music for kids and family TV or gaming, African drums and percussion with pop synths, tension and excitement

Down To earth

Funky pop with acoustic guitar rhythms over funky drums and fat synth lead line, fresh and positive feel


Peaceful spacious ambient with acoustic guitar and light strings, layers of warm acoustic textures create a big, airy sound


Light easy listening pop with piano and acoustic guitar over mid-paced drums, fresh relaxing feel for holidays, sunshine and leisure

Ports Of The World

Fresh and confident travel music, loads of warm sounds and textures over light pacey drum rhythms, international feel, confident and assured


Smooth mellow latin track with relaxed bossanova beat under warm electric piano chords and lazy rhythm guitar, easy feel


Positive, mid-paced acoustic band playing happy and bright instrumental with guitar solos with guitar

Cobalt Blue

Long, cool guitar and synth textures with distant trippy drum beat and light Indian percussion, circles of sound with futuristic feel


Warm synth sounds hold long chords whilst electric guitar slowly solos over, very smooth and luxurious feel

Cheer Up

Smooth, sexy synth and drums with sub bass, female vocal "come a little closer", acoustic guitar solo

Velvet Dreams

Dreamy, spacious sounds with haunting solo synth-flute line and evolving keyboard textures

New Identity

Soaring electric guitar solos over confident, atmospheric rhythms, melodic and twisty rock chords with great strength and poise

Down Fast

Stadium rock, aggressive chugging guitar is joined by synth, then moves to an epic anthem section with slow strong guitar riff, then cycle is repeated

Hard Way

Mixture of rock and hard rock sections, begins smooth and melodic, then becomes hard strong riffs with solid drums, joined by guitar melody over

Beat The Heat

Strong and solid hard rock, huge crunchy guitar riffs with big stadium drums, good pace throughout and positive feel


Rock guitar intro changes to softer pop section with keyboards and gentle percussion, back to big guitar chorus, dramatic and impressive, makes a strong impact


Insistent, hypnotic hard guitar riffs cycle over solid drums, big sound, strong and dominating

Speed Action

Tense, energetic rock suiting racing, speed and aggression, all action and excitement for sports and gaming

Road satellite

Hard, crunchy guitars with hi-tech synth sounds, feeling of constant motion twinned with technology, an interesting combination


Confident and pacey rock / pop, strong electric guitars with bright synth sounds and sweeping synth solo over, very positive and energetic


Dark and disturbing punk rock, strong aggressive guitar and bass play uncompromising riffs with feeling of violence and disorder

Rock The Road

Big, aggressive stadium rock, fat crunchy guitar riffs with long solo notes over, tense and powerful

Unreal Thoughts

Rock song with male vocal, chorus begins "When I take you", dark and dramatic with feelings of confusion and powerlessness


About Dynamedion

Dynamedion are a company based in Germany, with a worldwide reputation for writing soundtracks for games, and for sound design.

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