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Royalty Free Music by Nekta

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composer Nekta. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select Nekta as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

Track Title


Ambient Funk

percussive atmosphere, bass groove

Beat Cruncher

hi-tech groovy percussive, synths, vocals loop

Disco Party

edited beats & samples, house piano

Dizzy Bizzy

hard beat & bass, electronica

Drum and Brass

fast drums, brass riffs, atmospheric

Funk Disco Shaker

dance beat, funky guitar & keys, breaks

Funk Peace

hip hop beat, funky grooves, quiet breaks


drum groove starts, textures build

I Want Your Everything

anthemic dance club-shaker, some vocals

Piano Dazzler

slow & funky with piano, bass & sax

Rock Tastic

rock guitars, am radio samples


hard goove, heavy dark textures

Spiral Vibe

constant rythm, layers building

The Thinker

quirky tune & vocals, mellower ending

Yeah Rock The Vibe

funky breakbeat with dark quirky riffs

Bass In Space

siren synths & bass. Drums fade.


persitant groove, dance electronica


house groove, light UK vocals breaks


persitant heavy drums, light textures


contemplative yet lively, vague atmospheres

Love It

drawn out rhythmic tension, think Matrix

Teck 2001

constant drive, brash textures


Funky drum breaks with serious sub bass, distorted vocal samples, great for dancing, all-nighters, full of intense energy


Dark sounds, twisted drum breaks, heavy tension, night time music

Ibiza Latest King

Deep euro house, heavy drums with loads of bass, the dance floors of Ibiza and the med, late night raves

Emotican Mixdown

Hard euro house royalty free music , heavy beats with distant piano chords and male vocal, strong synth rhythms

Come Up New Toy

Big beat hip hop groove with plucked acoustic guitar riff and keyboards

Bass Hop Garage (vocals)

Deep garage breakbeat with female vocal, big beat drums with piano chord riffs, sub bass lines, underscore also available

Bass Hop Garage

Deep garage breakbeat (underscore), big beat drums with piano chord riffs, sub bass lines, main theme also available

You're An Angel

Hip hop track with heavy beats, occasional female vocals, plucked string riffs, overall a positive feel


House dance, positive feel with great energy, rising synth lines, half speed middle section with piano melody and strong beats

Voodoo Rap

Male rapping over hip hop drums with bass and keyboards, steady groove with great feel

New Beats

Pop chill out, string melody over light drum groove, mandolin chords behind, very mellow

All Alone

Acoustic guitar and rhodes electric piano create a chilled pop instrumental, nice mellow feel royalty free music

My Emotions

Hardcore house, intense atmosphere and all night raves, 1990s, great for dancing

Rock Back

Old-school house track, drums from 808 with synths and percussion, 1980s clubbing atmospheres

Back To Bach

Bach remixed with a hip hop chill, classical music for teenagers, young meets old

American Film Beauty

Strange, unsettling and dream-like film music, soft, dark harp develops into light piano, drums and synth, blends with harp to give uneasy, cool mood, also available on this site as a softer version without drums

American Film Beauty (2)

Light, unsettling movie music, harp and piano creating soft, tense, understated atmosphere, a slightly strong version also available on this site

Best western

American-style slide guitar riff into steady, positive groove with occasional male vocal sample and scratches, bright acoustic guitar and funky drums

On The Horizon

Dark, tense low xylophone patterns, then joined by drums and strong piano, cool energy and suspense


About Nekta

Based in London, England, writing & performing under the pseudonym "Nekta", Spencer Doane specializes in hip hop, uk house, euro house, breakbeat, electronica and drum and bass. He's also an experienced editor, working for major clients including Disney, MTV, BBC, BH1 & Sky, so he's got a great understanding of how music works in TV & film.

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