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Royalty Free Music by Liz Radford and Gavin Courtie

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composers Gavin Courtrie and Liz Radford. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select either Liz Radford or Gavin Courtie as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

Track Title

Track Description


Big, positive AOR track, energy and good times, electric guitars and keyboards over solid drums and bass


Bright, happy pop with synth riff alternating with piano melody

Summer Vistas

Melodic piano, flute and acoustic guitar create a relaxing, sunny mood, warm strings and saxophone join later


Orchestral theme beginning with brass fanfare, joined by strings, drums and bass for a positive, confident feel


Sad, regretful piano music with a feel of distance, old things gone and memories fading


Happy, soulful funk, guitars, brass, kicking drums and cool bass lines


Holiday and vacation music, sunshine and leisure, piano and electric guitar with warm keyboard textures, family friendly


Joyful cathedral organ processional music, state occasions and weddings, royal family marriage, dramatic and grand

L.A. Nights

Driving through the West Coast of America at night, lights and busy streets, distant mountains, with electric piano and guitar, an easy drum rhythm but still with energy, Los Angeles, San Francisco, California, Golden Gate Bridge


Music for racing, engine starts then a heavy electric guitar riff kicks in with drums and bass, hard and strong


Orchestral news theme with brass fanfares at the beginning, dropping to a headlines menu with insistant low rhythms, finishing with final flourish


Light, ambient guitar and orchestra theme, soft pop

Mission Implausible

Cheeky take on orchestral action movie suspense music, with a little added electric guitar and congas, urgent impacts near the end

Pad Air

Light, airy keyboard textures, slowly twisting and developing, documentaries, TV menus and information, corporate

Pad Warm

Warm, measured, spacious keyboard textures, gentle movement, almost like a heartbeat

Pad Sci-Fi

Soft, swirling keyboard textures, positive and calm


Track evoking feelings of flight, soaring and gliding, happy and easy, with acoustic guitar and flute, keyboards and light percussion


Dance track with synth patterns and keyboard melody

Chit Chat

Cheerful and lively easy listening theme with saxophone, keyboards and electric guitar


Heavy, driving rock guitar bed, strong and relentless


Machine jazz, a piano playing strict evolving patterns with industrial sounds providing percussion, industry, manufacture, robotics, development time-line


Very slow, distant piano patterns, slightly eerie, memories and far away places

Manuel's Party

Cheeky Latin dance track, fast rhythms and happy vibe royalty free music, piano, guitar, brass, percussion including congas and bass guitar


Fun, barn-storming kids energetic TV theme, big crazy synths and electric guitars with a little brass riff, big ending

Lazy Days

Chilled acoustic guitar with a warm, clear feel, female vocal "mmmm", bass and drums enter in second verse, very lazy and content


Fun pop rock track in the Britpop style, electric guitars and piano to entertain the listener, dynamic and lively, 1990s

Ocean Road

Clear, fresh mid-tempo pop reminiscent of feel-good song from the 1980s, bright, positive vibe

Let's Talk

Fresh easy listening track with warm feel and bright rhythms, strings and brass, acoustic guitar and piano

Dance Africa

Subtle beginning into a rhythmic dance track featuring African drums and sounds with traditional chants and song, fretless bass and acoustic guitar, energy and positive vibes

Dance Africa (vocals)

African vocals singing traditional songs and chants over contemporary drum rhythms, full of life and energy


Spacious but energetic track, drum'n'bass rhythms with open synth textures


Britpop ballad with acoustic guitar, strings, drums and bass, easy and mellow


Energetic dancey pop with "jump, jump" vocal, great for sports, kids, athletics, bungy, parachuting, freefall, free running, exercise video, any kind of jumping

Viva Vivaldi

Bright, positive, classical string orchestra playing a four minute concerto, uplifting and proud

Top Honours

Two trumpets play a bright, proud melody with a string orchestra, regal and with feelings of success, qualification, military, historical matters of state, royalty


Two trumpet fanfares for a multitude of uses including achievement, royalty, announcements, etc with strings behind


Tender, emotive and heart-felt violin and piano classical piece, sweet and sorrowful at the same time

Slow Dance

Slow, smoochy pop ballad from the 1980s, big strings and electric piano with fretless bass and light rhythms, the last dance of the evening

Busy Busy!

Lively 1940s and 1950s information film music, string orchestra with light percussion with light bouncy themes and rhythms, positive and feel-good, Britain at work

Song of the Hills

Hills and mountains of England, epic scenery, a string orchestra plays an exploration of a very English landscape


Slow moving string orchestra, stately and proud, national heritage, parks and gardens, restoration and care of historical buildings

Easy Does It

Happy easy listening track for day-time TV with piano, acoustic guitar and strings, for hobbies and crafts, decorating and furnishing

Seven Up

An uptempo rondo, lively but well-mannered, with strings

Jet Head

Crazy, strange kids pop with "yeah yeah" vocal sample, fat twisty synth riffs and steady drums


Slow and peaceful piano patterns and chords, with light breathy string background


Reflective solo classical guitar, slow and measured


Relaxed easy listening with alto sax melody over electric piano chords and a little hammond organ and lazy drums

No Worries

Slow, flowing atmosphere, bass guitar plays long notes with a breathy textural keyboard background and soft percussion, so relaxing


Sit back and relax with this slow swinging acoustic jazz quintet, a lazy acoustic guitar melody over double bass, snare, accordian and strummed acoustic guitar

Taste The Space

Wide, light soundscape, long developing notes on synths, flutes and pan pipes, great for meditation, science fiction and yoga


Friendly, fresh daytime TV theme, acoustic guitar, percussion, fretless bass and piano with warm synth textures, easy and reassuring

Easy Motion

Chilled, slow and leisurely feel from guitars, synth and easy drum loops, ultimate relaxation, luxury, pampering, beauty products


Cheeky French swinging jazz, marimba, piano, drums and a double bass roll along with a smile on their face

So Piano

Thoughtful, mid-paced piano theme, lots of space, reflections

So Piano (slow)

Sad, gentle piano theme, lots of space, time to think

Easy Does It (2)

Easy Jazz tune with alto sax, piano and band, very friendly and light

Fully Charged

Heavy drums with melodic bass, action and strong energy

Meet The Team

Sports action music, football, rugby, hockey, baseball, lots of drive and energy

Cooking Up A Storm

Funky big beat drums with fat, tasty synths and a trippy flute sample halfway through, good energy vibe

L For Leather

Driving electric guitars for riding bikes and driving cars, all-action daredevil racers and screaming tyres

I Spy

A spy and a secret agent, all-action thriller with dramatic, orchestrated big movie action

All Night

Intense hardcore rhythms, clubbing, dancing at all-nighters


Heavy driving drum rhythms with synth impacts and patterns, full body workouts, fitness products, gym equipment and training


Insistent and exciting dance rhythms with electric guitars and cycling synth patterns, great for workouts, exercise, running, physical energy

We Present

Dreamy, energetic energy, slow breathy synths with fast, harsh drums, creates an interesting feel


Hard, techno keyboards with trashy drum loops and synth, energetic and vibrant

Get Jiggy

Lively Celtic theme with flutes, accordian and penny whistle over big beat drums, Irish jig meets contemporary drum grooves, great for dancing


Fresh, spacious hi-tech textures, long breathy sounds with light drums and digital synth patterns, light, bright and 21st century, telecommunications, also available with strings

Cyberspace (bed)

Fresh, spacious hi-tech textures, long breathy sounds with light drums and string chords, underscore, also available with more synths


Long dramatic string notes into a light drum beat, joined by slow trumpet fanfare melody, then synth patterns over, discovery and new worlds, space travel

Turn On, Tune In

Chilled electric guitar chords wash over a slow drum backbeat with strange high and low notes alternating


Active and percussive funky motion, high synths steadily cycle over trashy drums

Superhighway (bed)

Electronic steady underscore, high synths repeating patters over very light percussion

The March Of Progress

Eerie, strong choir harmonies over big, slow drums, gothic horror and slow realisation

The March Of Progress(2)

Cathedral organ plays dark, dramatic chord progressions, slightly gothic feel, unsettling

Byte Size

Constantly moving kids pop, fat synths bubble over steady drums, video games, puzzle solving, activities, childrens craft and making things


Mellow and funky piano melody over smooth keyboard progressions, double bass and very light percussion

Jitterbug (2)

Mellow and smooth underscore with warm, soft synth patterns, double bass under and very light percussion

Global Links

Smooth and positive hi-tech underscore with steady light patterns of synth and keyboard sounds, soft bright textures behind, also available as a softer version without the snare drum

Global Links (2)

Smooth and light hi-tech underscore with steady light patterns of synth and keyboard sounds, soft bright textures behind, also available as a stronger version with snare drum rhythm


Steady progress and developmental atmosphere from synths and restrained drum loops, technology, manufacture


Light, hi-tech soundscape for sci-fi or industry, patterns of soft digital sounds developing and circling, for computers, satellites, digital information exchange, robots, artificial intelligence


Fast, confident, funky pop with bright brass, slap bass, hammond organ and pacey drums, occasional synth, brash and lively

Binary (1)

Technological underscore (one of three), eerie and hard synth chord patterns, rhythmic and mechanical

Binary (2)

Technological underscore (one of three), bright but understated, rhythmic and mechanical pattern of fat and filtered synth chords

Binary (3)

Technological underscore (one of three), dark and understated, rhythmic and mechanical pattern of synth string chords


Sci-fi soundscape, largely sound effects, unsettling environment with control room feel, environmental units, engine noises and some kind of warning indicator

Brand New Delhi

Modern India, a confident and smooth steady piece incorporating tablas with string and keyboards and occasional sitar, business and trade, communications


Dreamy slow sitar solo, traditional Indian sounds with a mellow and thoughtful feel


Mid-paced rhythmic traditional Indian music with sitars and tablas, percussion and occasional light female vocal

Cafe Musette

Traditional French café music, an accordian melody with acoustic guitar and accordian chords, relaxing and so very French

Tokyo Today

Contemporary Japan, the traditional shakuhachi plays melodies over contemporary drum loops, a sense of the old and the new together


Haunting Japanese traditional music, bamboo flute and ethnic percussion create a peaceful and thoughtful atmosphere

Shanghai Secret

Traditional music from China, ethnic instruments including gongs and Chinese violin create a mystical and dramatic mood

Gone Walkabout

Australia's vast spaces, a long didgeridoo note under mid-paced drum rhythms, with fresh keyboard textures over and a haunting easy pan pipe melody

Rio Rio

Lively latin dance music from Brazil, salsa rhythms and percussion, brass melodies over, fun and positive

Serengeti Sunrise

African rhythms with spacious textures, a vast landscape comes to life as the sun rises

Serengeti Sunset

Quiet landscape, a red sun sinks slowly in the distance, peaceful and haunting feel

Song Of Africa

Traditional African drums and percussion rhythms, two male voices singing an African song, very atmospheric

Rainbow Nation

Music from the new South Africa, lively, playful rhythms with fretless bass, electric guitars and traditional dance rhythms


Complex and fast traditional Spanish flamenco music, dramatic and wild

Sierra Martes

Traditional Spanish acoustic flamenco guitar duet, dramatic and romantic


Traditional desert music, with thumb-piano and ethnic percussion, wild and fun


Traditional belly dancing from Turkey, mysterious and sultry with ethnic instruments and percussion

Arabian Nights

Traditional North African dance music with ethnic percussion and flute, lively and mysterious, Morocco, Tunisia, Marrakech

Gypsy Rhythm

Very fast Eastern European gypsy accordian melodies with bass, Romany traditional for dancing

Buena Havana

Slow, rhythmic Cuban dance band, traditional feel with piano, percussion and bass

Sands Of Time

Traditional Middle Eastern vibe, a solo flute player by the desert sand

God Save The Queen

United Kingdom national anthem, orchestral with timpani, proud and patriotic

Dot Co.UK

Positive and up-beat underscore with dance drum rhythms and pulsing synths for news, menus, information

Star Spangled Banner

American National Anthem, played by military band, proud and patriotic

Star Spangled Banner (2)

American National Anthem, played by string ensemble, proud and patriotic


Easy-going holiday TV theme, warm and friendly, sunshine and leisure

Hey There

Confident and full-on dance meets rock, with male vocal samples, funky rhythms

Menu Driven

Fresh, crisp and punchy TV menu music, light with occasional brass stabs, news and information

The Best Traditions

Proud orchestral steady march, patriotic and evocative, war documentaries, military, 1930s and 1940s

Snake Hips

Cool, laid back groove for easy motion, TV information menus, financial data and business stories

Ride High

Big crunchy rock guitars, exciting and determined, racing winners, superbikes, positive vibe

Blue Sky

Light, airy, twisting and bubbly synth and piano textures over energetic percussion

Blew It

Self assured melodic blues guitar rock, warm and strong

Team Works

Cool, bright pop rhythms with strings and piano melody over, happy and positive

Let's Do Launch

Driving, upbeat pop rock, achievement and success


Crazy percussion, drum and synth rhythms, high energy, tense

Who's A Billionaire (1)

TV quiz show tension suite, level 1, moderate anxiety, low synth pads with occasional light drum and slow heart-beat

Who's A Billionaire (2)

TV quiz show tension suite, level 2, slightly raised anxiety, higher synth pads, slightly faster heart-beat

Who's A Billionaire (3)

TV quiz show tension suite, level 3, strong tension, mid range synth textures, elevated heart beat

Who's A Billionaire (4)

TV quiz show tension suite, "Loser" for an incorrect answer, then High Anxiety section with clock ticking and synth stabs, rising to final time out.

Beat This

Fast and funky drum and bass with wah wah electric guitar and choppy keyboards, movement and speed

Under Pressure

Tense underscore with low synth rhythms, string stabs and big drums

All Roads

Optimistic and funky easy listening track on electric piano and bass guitar with light percussion

All Roads (2)

Light, funky keyboard track, smooth warm feel, choppy rhythms on electric piano with soft percussion and bass guitar

Creation Wonders

Orchestral epic theme, space and discovery, the wonders of the universe, courage and friendship


Very chilled late-night r&b theme, mellow and warm but with attitude

Happy Christmas

Bright, sparkling orchestral Christmas royalty free music piece depicting a ride on a horse-drawn sleigh through snowy scenery, ready for christmas Day, really happy and expectant feel

Perspiration Point

Tense underscore with bass heart-beat, low percussion, distant sounds and low strings, very eerie and unsettling

Soft Touch

Beauty-inspired acoustic guitar theme, soft and smooth with strings and warm textures


Classic comedy slapstick music or maybe for a circus clown, with duck quacking, windows breaking, whistles etc, played on banjo, trombone, trumpet and clarinet

Match Day

Classic TV sport / football theme soundalike, from the 1970s and 1980s

Breath Of Air

Dreamy, tranquil soundscape, acoustic guitar and pan pipe, sliding into dreams, floating on a distant sea


Fresh world music track with elements of Asia, Africa, India and Australia, suggestions of hi-tech communications and technology

De Profundis

Piano solo, slow and poignant, loneliness, pain, heart-ache, betrayal

Powdered Wigs

Historical Court music, a steady rondo on a harpsichord, 16th, 17th and 18th century for the aristocracy, Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies


Historical military marching music with side drum, penny whistle and flute, 17th 18th and 19th century army on the move, American civil war, War of the Roses, revolution

Bows & Buttons

Soft, sweet childrens instrumental with Christmas feel, soft choir with acoustic guitar, electric piano and warm textures, great for toddlers, young children and babies' night time lullaby

At First Glance

Epic love film theme tune, tender and emotional orchestra with harp and sweet strings

Red Alert

1980s action danger production music, big orchestra and cascading congas, screaming tyres leaving tracks in the dirt

Wow Fab Groovy

Boys watching groovy girls, from the 1960s, swinging pop song style

Twenty Four Seven

Fresh and rhythmic groove with vocal samples, strong, sexy feel, big attitude

Rush Hour

Contrast of slow acoustic guitars with fast drum loops, city life, fast movement while others stand still

Drive Me Crazy

Rocky action track with powerful drums and driving electric guitars, aggressive and confident

Perpetual Motion

Positive, funky, up-beat groove, pacey drums and tambourine with funk electric guitar riffs and popping bass guitar

Kandi Groove

Garage, kicky drums with cool female vocals, little funky turns on keyboard and synth

Beyond The Edge

Aggressive synth and drum patterns, tension and altered states, fast moving images, teen drama

Drummin' It Up

Aggressive, tense drum and percussion rhythms and loops

Spin Out

Chilled dance beat, with occasional vocals, funky guitar and disco string lines

Under Attack

Orchestral soundalike of 1980s action TV series, tension, drama and danger, distant voices

Working Day

Easy, fresh track implying steady activity, long electric guitar chords over choppy electric piano and electronic drums

Bid For Glory

Punchy solid dance beat with steady drums and electric guitars, great for fitness, workouts, exercise, gyms

Bid For Glory (2)

Punchy solid dance beat with brass stabs, steady drums and electric guitars, consistent effort

Oak and Ash

Easy-going acoustic guitar duet, folk feel, nature, the seasons, wildlife, growing and learning

Chilled Heat

Open and warm, slow textures from keyboard and synths, feeling of growing and expanding

What Goes Around

Easy motion, steady and positive with acoustic guitars, light percussion and warm keyboard textures

Loch Ware

Peaceful Scottish air on fiddle and acoustic guitar with accordian backing, easy and content

Sky Hooks

Bluesy slide guitar melody over rhythmic acoustic guitar chords, backbeat on drums, laid back with attitude

Across Time

Flowing piano and oboe, restained with an air of mystery, developing storylines

Pennsylvania Freeway

Two acoustic guitars tumbling through chord progressions, open vistas and journeys, travelling

See me Fly

Airy and spacious piano and keyboard textures, very light and free

Lucky Thirteen

Solo piano playing steady, evolving patterns, constantly developing and moving

Sally Anne

Gentle, warm acoustic guitar duet, steady, friendly feel, leisure, countryside, walking

Catch My Drift

Mellow and spacious track with feelings of floating and weightlessness, fretless bass and acoustic guitar

Sunset Drive

Melodic & smooth track with latin percussion flavours, acoustic guitar melody, electric piano and warm textures

Limehouse Rag

Ragtime piano from 1900's era in the style of Scott Joplin, remained popular through the 1910s and 1920s, also suits the silent movie feel

Silent Movie - Heartbreak

Silent movie vintage piano heart-break theme, 1910's era, Charlie Chaplin, Lilian Gish, Hearts and Flowers

Silent Movie - Villain

Silent movie vintage piano, the heroine is in big trouble, villain ties her to railway line, she cries for help, train approaches, last minute rescue, all rejoice, fall in love

Silent Movie - Strolling

Silent movie vintage piano scene setting music, 1910's era, people walking and shots of towns, cities, everyday life

Silent Movie - Chase

Silent movie vintage piano chase music , 1910's era, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Keystone Cops

Flap Happy

Cheeky 1920's era dance instrumental, Charleston, black bottom and the Flappers, Ann Pennington, Jelly Roll Morton

Newsreel Fanfare

Exciting newsreel fanfare from the 1930s, Pathe news, RKO and Fox, the subsequent instrumental Cavalcade is also available, newsreels continued on through the 1940s and 1950s


From the 1930's era, a sprightly newsreel background instrumental played by a military marching band, with brass and piccolos, Pathe news, RKO and Fox, the introductory fanfare also available

Say Its Only The Moon

A late night slow dance from the 1940's era, saxophones and brass with gentle smoochy rhythms, sweet hearts and soldiers

It's A Mood

Uptempo 1940's era swinging big band track, along the lines of Glenn Miller and In The Mood, war-time and rationing


Early rock and roll from the 1950's era of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, 45rpm, electric guitar, bass and drums


1960's era early Beatles style track, Liverpool haircuts and teenagers, guitars, drums and bass, pop music

Hippy Trippy

Soundalike late 1960's hippy Indian summer of love, the Beatles discovered sitar, free love and LSD

Diva Fever

Fun and funky 1970's era disco, occasional female diva vocal "We got the music, we got the beat", running string lines, strong drum and bass groove, also available without the vocal

Diva Fever (no vocals)

Fun and funky 1970's era disco, running string lines, strong drum and bass groove, reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever, also available with female vocal

Power Story

Confident and powerful 1980's pop/rock theme, big guitars and fat keyboards, huge snare drums, the American success story

It's A Lurve Thang

Soulful, sexy r&b groove with moody, mellow feel, chilled late-night rhythms with distant male vocal "check it out"

Ostinato in D

Steady, rhythmic string progressions with a high oboe melody, confident and assured

Allegretto in F Minor

Proud, steady classical orchestral piece in the style of Mozart, mid-paced and confident

Way Ahead

Positive and warm corporate track with steady drums and silky string section, successful businesses with positive customer relations and global outlook, also available in a softer version

Way Ahead (underscore)

Positive and warm corporate track with steady drums and soft synths section, successful businesses with positive customer relations and global outlook, also available in a version with strings

Adagio in D Minor

Intriguing and slow bassoon melody over a steady and expectant orchestra, for TV drama, or that murder mystery feel from the 1960s and 1970s, secrets and hidden revenge, also available as an underscore

Adagio in D Minor (underscore)

Steady and expectant orchestral string progressions, for TV drama, or that murder mystery feel from the 1960s and 1970s, secrets and hidden motives, also available in a version with bassoon melody over

Jubilate Deo

Calm and mystical choir singing a contemporary setting of Jubilate Deo - Rejoice In The Lord, pure harmonies with a positive, meditative feel


Regal and proud strings and lively harpsichord for historical documentaries, stately homes, heritage, art and paintings


Slow, expressive oboe melody over cello and piano, wounded and withdrawn, lonely


Slow, touching solo viola over simple, picked acoustic guitar, warm and dreamy with a hint of romance


Tense and rhythmic percussion with light string stabs over and a little atmospheric synth, constant movement, searching and progressing


Calm and flowing textures on strings and acoustic guitar, steady and warm royalty free music

Pavane in C (1)

Simple progressions and melodies on a harpsichord, lively and light feel

Pavane in C (2)

Simple progressions and melodies on a church organ, lively and light feel

Pavane in C (3)

Simple progressions and melodies on a piano, lively and light feel

Capriccio in A

Light, lively flute melody over picked acoustic guitar for stories and playtime for young children and toddlers, also available in a guitar-only version

Capriccio in A (underscore)

Simple and light picked acoustic guitar for stories and playtime for young children and toddlers, also available in a version with flute melody over


Airy, swirling electric guitars over light, funky drums creating a spacious, bright feel

Grunge Match

Gritty guitar riffs over heavy drums creating a solid, dark sound with a steady pace


Fast and energetic blend of guitar, synth and loops over lively drum loops and scratches, fun in a full-on way

Hot Picks

TV news or information menu bed, big orchestral synth stabs over consistent drums and bass, positive feel

Crazy Talk

Crunchy, punchy TV menu music, fat synthy stabs and scratches, loads of energy and fun


All action rock guitars over fast and crazy drums, energy and excitement, racing and speed, challenge and adventure

About Face

Kicky and funky sparse drum and bass underscore, tension and expectancy, preparation and excitement

Freewheelin' (full)

Dreamy grooves from electric guitar and drums, light and progressive feel, also available in a softer version

Freewheelin' (light)

Dreamy grooves from electric guitar and drums, light and progressive feel, also available in a fuller version


Steady machine-like groove with drums and synth, great for constant motion, factories, robots, manufacturing, programming etc

Manic Menu

Fun kids tv music bed, for activity and energy, loads of fat synthy stabs and looping drums, funky vibe


TV menu music with strength and light tension, a steady kick drum with electric guitar held chords over

Inner Spiral (light)

Light and fresh textures for movement and development, organisation and business, tv menus and text, communications and finance, also available in a fuller version

Inner Spiral (full)

Light and fresh textures for movement and development, organisation and business, communications and finance, TV menus and text, also available in a softer version

Glide Away

Leisurely and slow easy feel with electric guitar and warm synth textures, pampering and luxury, vacations and hotels


Low, expectant wash of bass guitar, synth and percussion textures, in the style of Jaco's great atmospheres

Golden Gate

Open and funky slow drum and keyboard textures, travelling and long distances, landscapes and the open road

EZ Street

Mellow and slightly dark chilled-out groove, feeling of waiting and watching


The wonder of exporation and discovery, long breathy sounds from flute synth and soft distant pan pipes create feelings of other worlds and galaxies, space travel and observation, the future of science and astronomy

Dark Sound

Dark, ambient atmosphere from a low, distant xylophone, spooky and unsettling

Dark Drum

A dark, distant beat on a large drum, menace and fear, warning of danger and threat


Soft, eerie atmosphere with long, spacious synth chords for science fiction, ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal


Swirling, dreamy and light electric guitar chords create spacious textures, easy and free feel

Bass Motives no1

Strange unearthly deep notes from a solo fretless bass, darkness and menace

Bass Motives no2

Dark and cold long-held notes from a solo fretless bass creating a slow unsettling atmosphere

Bass Motives no3

Dark and thoughtful solo fretless bass with a round, deep sound playing repeating riffs

Bass Motives no4

Tense, dark solo fretless bass playing a mid paced mechanical groove, simple and effective atmosphere of motion

Bass Motives no5

Cool and sparse fretless bass riffs, simple and understated

Silicon Valley

Light hi-tech cycles of warm synth sounds, subtle and futuristic constantly moving on

Prime Suspect

Long held synth chords providing a feeling of the narrative progressing, slight feel of hi-tech

Present Tense

Anxiety and tension from this orchestral piece, long high strings emphasise the worrying atmosphere, for films, documentaries and tv drama including medical emergency and real-life escapes

Now You See Me.

Orchestral comedy from the rises and falls of whatever is trying to get to the top of the thing, strings, flute and timps trying to help the little fella along


Bright and warm acoustic guitar duet, spacious with a happy vibe, a multitude of uses for this fresh sounding track


A cheerful, sassy little blues shuffle with electric guitars, drums and bass, positive feel

Blue Rose

Slow and relaxed picked acoustic guitar duet, English countryside and crafts, farming and landscapes

Strat Strut

Bright and funky wah wah electric guitar riffs over kicking rhythms, cheerful and positive


Light and cheerful Celtic folk track with picked acoustic guitars and bodran, more Irish than Scottish with toe tapping rhythms

Bottleneck Blues

Strong and steady bottleneck slide electric guitar blues for that American feel, dramatic and full of flavour


Slow and calm acoustic guitar duet, feeling of measured steady motion, changing landscapes, rivers and streams

Let's Makeover

The busy activity music for TV makeover shows, electric guitars repeating cycles, time limits and countdowns

Paper Boat

Cheerful & warm picked acoustic guitar duet, easy and peaceful, recreation and crafts

The Poppy Field

Dreamy and sweet acoustic guitar duet, very relaxed and calm, canals and rivers, crafts and hobbies


Interesting and unusual cycles of picked chords on a solo tenor acoustic guitar, tender and personal with a feel of developing and growing

Fast Track

Fresh and lively acoustic guitar harmonies, leisure and crafts, journeying across a beautiful landscape, royalty free music

Spring - Vivaldi

Sweet and confident string harmonies from this classical piece by Vivaldi from The Four Seasons, birdsong and new life, the wonders of nature

Summer - Vivaldi

Drama and bold colours in this classical piece by Vivaldi from The Four Seasons, a stirring and dramatic violin solo runs alongside the accompanying string orchestra

Autumn - Vivaldi

Stately and regal light classical string piece by Vivaldi, from The Four Seasons, a lively violin solo arches over the confident harmonies

Winter - Vivaldi

Tense and unsettling introduction moves to a stronger, bolder middle section in this classical piece by Vivaldi, from The Four Seasons

Waltz from Swan Lake

Soft and delicate intro section moves to a more triumphant theme in this classical music by Tchaikovsky, from the Ballet Swan Lake

Moderato from Swan Lake

Haunting and bitter-sweet classical music from the Ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, a dramatic middle section

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Full length five minute recording of Mozart's well-loved classical work for strings, showing delightful poise and elegance, also on this site as an abridged version

Eine Kleine?abridged

Delightful poise and elegance from this shortened version of Mozart's well-loved classical work for strings, also on this site as a full version

Rossini Sonata, Moderato

Light and tender classical chamber music, the subtleties and delicate balance of Rossini's string writing bring a touch of class and elegance, this track is an abridged version

Rossini Sonata, Andantino

Mellow and dreamy classical chamber piece with live string section, a light and calm feel with understated elegance

Rossini Sonata, Allegro

Delicate and playful classical chamber piece played by a live string section, Rossini's delightful string writing always shows balance and poise

Hall of the Mountain King

Magic, spells and Harry Potter are suggested by this orchestral work, which moves from a tense and mysterious beginning to a furious finale, full of enchantment and wizardry

Bach Toccata and Fugue

Iconic and awe-inspiring cathedral organ piece by Bach, creates a heavy and dramatic atmosphere, this is an abridged version

Fired Up

Determined and confident feel from electric guitars with light rock drums and a little slap bass, pacey and positive

Freefall Sax

Spinning saxophone duet over kicking drum and bass groove, funky guitar, a nice complexity to the overall feel

Swingin Time

Cheerful and steady rhythm and blues orchestra play a bright groove, with brass, guitar, hammond organ, bass and drums, reminiscent of Jools Holland

Hand Picked

Rolling acoustic guitar duet, picked and strummed guitars give feeling of forward motion and progression, easy feel with good vibes


Fast and funky band play happy, straightforward groove, warm brass stabs and a little funky guitar keep this track on it's toes

Meet The Beat

Steady and cool drums with low synth riff, soft string pads add warmth

Free To Fly

A warm, gentle and steady blend of piano, orchestral and synth textures creating a rolling, optimistic, open feel for travelling, flight, countryside, open spaces, open skies

Don't Look Down

Funky, fast, cheeky pop with guitars, high hammond organ, looping bass riff and kicky drums, fresh and full of good energy


Summertime vacation music, great hotels and lots of time to treat yourself, easy acoustic guitar melodies over warm keyboards and light percussion

The Boston Jump

Catchy, riffy piano jazz with a fresh and positive energy, toe-tapping pace and sassy melodic improvisation, all that's good in America (and everywhere else!)

Keen Enough

Piano-based pop/rock from the late 1990s, angst-laden teens and the emotional dramas of growing up and falling in love

Chopin Waltz A Minor

Mournful and tragic feelings ooze from Chopin's Waltz in A minor, death and suffering, loneliness and isolation, weariness and sorrow

Chopin Waltz C Sharp Minor

Chopin's deliciously dramatic Waltz in C sharp minor, packed with emotional energy, moves between section with different feels, always committed

Chopin Minute Waltz

Chopin's Minute Waltz, astonishingly fast and swirling classical piano piece, with lively and positive energy

Maybe Baby

Relaxed and cheerful piano jazz trio from any time in the twentieth century, probably most popular 1930s,1940s and 1950s, night-time fun and relaxation from small downtown bars to laid back night clubs, melody is suggestive of lyrics

Echo Finder

Slow and spacious documentary-style piano, unveiling of truths, discovery of secrets, steady journey towards understanding

Rise And Fall

Weird and unsettling piano figures with ambient distant tones, underwater, deep space, medical, science fiction etc

New Strides

Happy, swinging piano boogie, simple and fun, for kids, daytime TV, hobby and makeover shows etc

Two-Eye Boogie

Lively, bouncy piano boogie for shots of enjoyable activity and people being busy, rearranging, organising, makeover shows

Oak Hill

Gentle, slow and emotive piano travelling through chord progressions, neither positive nor negative, watchful


Intense and thoughtful piano piece, slow rhythms and patterns with a reflective and melancholy melody, contemplation and search for meaning

Surfin' The Tube

Full on Chilli-Pepper style rock, red hot and funky rock guitar riffs over driving drums, surf's up, dudes


Light and tense drum grooves with ambient synth textures, futuristic action and suspense

Tornado Alley

Thrills and spills in this positive and feel-good rock, energetic and driving drums with melodic electric guitar solo over, lifts to tense middle section then back to strength and good vibe, great for racing cars and bikes, rallying, motor sports etc

Thrill Teaser

Steadily building, funky active and tense with low piano riff and drum introduction moving into fuller section with saxophones, brass and electric guitar

Fire Stormers

Fast energetic rock, a sparse introduction into overdriven soloing guitars with driving drums, aggressive feel and unforgiving pace

On Thin Ice

Dark and trashy drum and bass with swirling synth chords, dirty and a bit trippy, urban landscape

Danger Money Honey

Suspense and tension from bass guitar riff and jarring drums, keyed up and pushing for action

Killa Warra

Synthy tense action rock with aggressive guitars, cycling synth loops and big arena drums

Total Burn Up

Groove laden retro-rock with great riffs, good energy and positive vibe for all sports, surfing, snowboarding etc


Funky sitar grooves over percussive fat synth sounds and contemporary snappy drums, a contemporary indian vibe, technology and world economies

Barco Blanco

Relaxing and smooth holiday sunshine music, great for hotels, leisure and travel, vacations and tour operators

Goa Groove

Pacey contemporary drums with tablas, indian percussion and sitar melodies overlaid, for the energy and drama of India, also available as an underscore

Goa Groove (underscore)

Energetic contemporary drums with indian percussion and tablas, also available as a version with sitar melodies over

Bluey Walks

Didgeridoo, guitar and big atmosphere with all the warmth and space of Australia

Crunked Up

Strange and energetic blend of Indian vocal sample and wah-wah guitars with kicking rhythms and tablas, unusual and exotic

Cruise The Strip

Funky heady blend of Rhodes piano and wah-wah guitars over a big beat with occasional brass stabs, good pace and party vibe, also available as underscore

Cruise The Strip (underscore)

Funky blend of Rhodes piano and wah-wah guitars over a big beat, the lighter underscore to a fuller version also available

Big Beat Banjo

Fun banjo and picked acoustic guitar duet, big beat drums combine with the folk solo instruments to create an energetic feel-good blend

Santiago Swing

Swinging and sassy Brazillian mambo with latin rhythms, piano, guitar and double bass, good pace and exotic feel, also available as a shorter, underscore versiony

Santiago Swing (underscore)

Swinging and sassy Brazillian mambo underscore with latin rhythms, piano, guitar and double bass, good pace and exotic feel, also available as a longer version with more melody

Chill Creole

Subtle but dramatic latin style track with New Orleans rhythms, piano melody and light orchestral rhythms, sultry and understated, also available as an underscore

Chill Creole (underscore)

Subtle but dramatic latin style underscore with New Orleans rhythms and light orchestral rhythms, sultry and understated, also available as a version with piano melody

The Sicilian Job

Moody and Sicilian, dark sparse drums and electric guitar with mandolin melody for that Godfather feel, secrets, hot sun and drama

Sweet Sangria

Happy Spanish style track with contemporary drum groove overlaid with flamenco guitars, sunshine and laughter, for the heat and excitement of Spain

Most Mauritius

Relaxing holiday sunshine music for the holiday and leisure industry, mellow and luxurious main theme, also available in three underscore versions

Most Mauritius (underscore 1)

Relaxing holiday sunshine music for the holiday and leisure industry, mellow and luxurious, first of three underscore versions, also available as main theme

Most Mauritius (underscore 2)

Relaxing holiday sunshine music for the holiday and leisure industry, mellow and luxurious, second of three underscore versions, also available as main theme

Most Mauritius (underscore 3)

Relaxing holiday sunshine music for the holiday and leisure industry, mellow and luxurious, third of three underscore versions, also available as main theme

Jingle Bell Jump (Jingle Bells)

Fun, swinging big-band instrumental version of Jingle Bells with brass, drums, piano and really happy vibe, a great Christmas toe-tapper

Ding Dong (Merrily On High)

Searing rock instrumental version of Ding Dong Merrily On High, loads of energy with rock band, screaming guitars, choir, tubular bells, sleigh bells and great party feel

Very Merry Christmas

Check this one out for a smile, a jingle-style choir singing a ludicrous arrangement of the words "Have a very merry Christmas", fun and festive, also available in a vocals only version

Very Merry Christmas (a cappella)

Check this one out for a smile, a jingle-style choir singing a ludicrous arrangement of the words "Have a very merry Christmas", fun and festive, also available in a version with light orchestral backing

God Rest Ye (Merry Gentlemen)

Moody and dark pop instrumental of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, contemporary feel with woodwind melodies, solid drums and orchestral accompaniment, also available as an underscore

God Rest Ye (Merry Gentlemen) underscore

Moody and dark pop instrumental of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, underscore version, contemporary feel with solid drums and orchestral accompaniment, also available with tune on woodwinds

Rock The Halls (Deck The Halls)

Crazy, no-holds barred rock instrumental of Deck The Halls With Boughs of Holly, two extreme electric guitars with maniac drummer create this sizzling Christmas groove

Christmas Shopping

All the busy and exciting Christmas bustle, a light, lively instrumental with drums, acoustic guitar melody and orchestral backing, great for retail and tv advertising in the festive period, also available in a version without sleigh bells and tubular bells

Christmas Shopping

All the busy and exciting Christmas bustle, a light, lively instrumental with drums, acoustic guitar melody and orchestral backing, great for retail and tv advertising in the festive period, also available in a version with sleigh bells and tubular bells

Tiny Tot's Christmas

Really gentle Christmas lullaby for very young children, toddlers and babies, acoustic guitar, piano and glockenspiel creating that Christmas Eve magical feel

Glam Tidings

Loads of fun with this glam rock christmas instrumental, big guitars and party vibe, tubular bells and sleigh bells add that extra sparkle, bring back the 1970s

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Well-known Christmas song with unaccompanied vocals, nice harmonies, cheerful and festive, all you need to put you in mind of Santa and the seasons holidays - great for families and also suiting childrens products


About Liz Radford and Gavin Courtie

As well as writing for royalty-free.tv, Liz has enjoyed success as a songwriter and travelled the world as a performer (playing keyboards, violin). She’s also written and played in theatre musicals, and performed as an instrumentalist with artists as varied as the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Boy George! Classically trained, Liz has studied harmony with Bernard Lanskey (Guildhall School of Music, London). Equally at home scoring pieces for an orchestra, choir, or working in the recording studio with a sampler, Liz enjoys nothing more than a challenge!

Turning his music hobby into a career, Gavin played bass guitar working as a freelance player and toured widely across the UK & Europe in the '90's with several artists, including Dove Award winner and Grammy nominated Margaret Becker, Chris Eaton (Janet Jackson, Amy Grant), Brian Kennedy (Van Morrison, Riverdance), Grammy nominee Jessy Dixon. With a keen ear for sounds and an interest in programming, studio work came his way and he started to develop his writing, arranging and engineering skills, culminating in producing records for Alliance Records, Small Dog Records and But! Records. Since 1998 he’s been based in the studio full-time writing music for television and media companies.

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