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Royalty Free Music by Skip Peck

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composer Skip Peck. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select Skip Peck as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

The Emu

Playful, easy jazz track about a bird that can't fly, featuring piano, electric piano, guitar, bass and drums

Te Iubesc (I Love You)

Light, calm jazz with a collected feel, featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and congas

Tall Tales

Groovy and smooth jazz track with tasty piano and electric piano solos, about some stories that just may be true, also with double bass and drums

Some Folks

A cool, happy jazz groove with a very direct and to-the-point melody, featuring piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion

Ready Willing & Able

Light and lively jazz featuring piano, guitar, synthesizer, marimba, bass and percussion, with fresh progressions and interesting synth solo in the middle


Mystery and suspense from this cool little jazz number, piano, vibes, bass and drums create a smooth feel with an undercurrent of tension

Off To Bangor

Constantly moving light jazz with bright and perky feel, featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and percussion, originally written about the rigours of travelling today

I Wonder

Inquisitive and quirky jazz track, with piano, electric piano, guitar, bass and drums, lots of feel-good and a little restlessness

Who Could Have Guessed?

Light jazz piano trio playing smooth questions and answers, happy and a little playful


Late night jazz trio with smooth piano melodies and tasty chords, sit back and chill

The Scenic Route

Intriguing and inviting jazz piano trio, improvising and developing a mid-paced, playful theme, nice journey

The Real Story

Bright and pacey jazz quartet featuring piano and acoustic guitar working with a light, lively theme

The Fool

Cool and perky jazz quartet, feelings of movement and journeying, city lights and busy streets

Old Cars I Have Known

Mellow and cheery jazz, remembering old cars we've owned always makes for fun conversation, piano, guitar, bass, percussion and drums

Little Giggles

Feel-good jazz with a smile, piano, vibes, bass and drums make for a contented and happy mood

I Just Got Me A New Car

Relaxed and happy jazz trio celebrating the purchase of a new set of wheels

I Do

A very relaxed and confident tune of acceptance featuring a jazz trio of piano, bass and drums

How Could I Have Known

A jazz conversation of what might or could have been, featuring piano, acoustic guitar, bass and drums

Heart Love Flower

A very laid back jazz swing tune that creates new interest every two bars featuring piano, bass and drums

Good To Be Home

Fun, playful jazz piano trio playing swing melodies into the night, happy vibe and ends with a smile

Give Me One Good Reason

Inquisitive and conversational jazz swing tune with piano, vibes, bass and drums, good pace and movement

Feels Like It Could Rain

Lively and warm jazz sextet, two ongoing melodies carry on a polite conversation, featuring piano, flute, electric piano, vibes, bass and drums

Central Park Party

Light and cheerful jazz quartet create a happy mood, with piano, vibes, bass and drums


An easy and relaxed jazz swing tune with piano, guitar, bass and drums

C Minor Dilema

A slightly dark and mysterious jazz swing tune with a very quirky improvised piano solo accompanied by bass and drums


A light and confident jazz swing tune with piano, guitar, bass and drums

5th Ave Crosses 6th Ave

Smooth, mysterious jazz trio with a swing, avenues normally run parallel except in Pittsburgh, PA

The Zenith Express

Full-on, fast moving jazz quartet get into the swing, with grand piano, acoustic bass, flute, drums, hot in pursuit of a train

Just A Taste For You

Deliberate and straight forward smooth jazz, with grand piano, acoustic bass, drums, flute, and vibes

A Hands On Approach

Swinging, straight ahead, aggressive, assertive jazz quintet, with piano, bass, drums, vibes, acoustic guitar

Home For The Holiday

Relaxed easy listening piano track with warm vibes and jazz undertone, chilling with family and friends

Welcome To My Life

Soft, reassuring piano and acoustic guitar working around a cosy melody, contentment


Melancholy, unsettled solo piano, joined by light strings and vibes with twisting melodies, moving into a flute solo section


Meditative piano with acoustic guitar and light drums, gentle air of relaxation and reflection

My Only Regret

Soft and romantic piano ballad, slowly moving through a sweet melody, love, tenderness and the last dance of the evening

A Peaceful Night

Wistful piano, dreams and reflections, slow and shifting

A Song For Dad

Slow and contented piano, content and restful, familiar surroundings, friendship

Ashes Fell Like Snow

Melancholy and rueful piano with vibes, grief and regret, mourning and remembering

Remembering You

Slow, classic late night jazz, with piano, acoustic guitar, bass and drums

The Be Bop Polka

Fun and cheerful polka with accordian, tuba, acoustic guitar, clarinet and drums

Eat Your Beans!

Toe-tapping piano swing with a fun feel, acoustic guitar solo in the middle section, playful melody

Pocket Change

Quirky, bouncy jazz piano melodies over a sprightly acoustic guitar, warm and jolly in a light-hearted way

The Voyager

Steady and slightly dramatic rag-time piano from the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, also great for silent movies, black and white footage, turn of the century

The Prognosticator

Ragtime piano with a twist of early jazz, deliberate but with a delicate touch, historical drama footage, silent movies and comedy, early 20th century, twenties and thirties

The Coffee Club Rag

Jazzy rag-time piano with a strong American feel, drama and denouements for silent movies, 1910s, 1920s and speakeasy, 1930s, historical mischief

A Joyful March

Bouncy, lollopy stride piano with a swing feel, great for comedy, and childrens animation

You're Really Somethin'

Fast, smooth, breezy jazz quartet flying though an intricate melody and improvisations with piano, electric piano, bass and drums

Who's In Charge?

A light and swinging, fast moving jazz quartet playing a quirky rhythmic melody framed by a very chromatic series of chords, featuring piano, vibes, bass and drums

A Monumental Undertaking

Smokin' jazz quintet play this happy toe-tapper, one to sit back and enjoy, with piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Sassy Sunday Dress

Mellow, swinging piano jazz, playing one of those tunes you think you already know, warm and happy with great pace

Uptown Get Down

Light, happy jazz with great pace, lyrical double bass, easy acoustic guitar solo and sweet piano


About Skip Peck

SKIP PECK is a prolific composer of over 1000 songs. At the present time he continues to compose and record a new song every day, as he has for the past 21 months. He licenses his music wide and has several publishers. Skip is a winner of the West Virginia Cultural Center Fellowship for Composing in 1995, as well as several Merit Awards from the Billboard Magazine Songwriting Competition. Peck's CD My Secret Weapon has garnered great reviews from Pittsburgh Post Gazette jazz critic Peter King who wrote "Skip Peck demonstrates his talents and those of his pretty remarkable family he spins lyrical, logical, unhurried solos with that playful quality".

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