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Royalty Free Music by Vincent Varco

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composers Vincent Varco. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select Vincent Varco as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

Latina Spirit

Cuban slow latin groove with flute, brass, percussion, piano and drums, piano solo in middle


1980s cheerful ska groove with brass, bouncy drum groove and electric guitar

Made It Rich

Strange urban groove, heavy drum beat, dj scratches and high, distant piano riffs

Funky Love

Mid paced, determined, light pop groove with drums, bass and piano, occasional fresh synth patterns over


Solid electronica groove with cycling synth riffs, positive tension with a light touch

Cool Martian

Moody, light tension track with insistent drum and bass groove, light keyboard riff over, kids drama, mystery, travelling


Slow heavy groove, subtle synth chords wash over deep and deliberate drum machine loop, thoughtful and deep


Dark easy listening groove with electronic feel, repeating and evolving slow riffs and washy sounds with high keyboard melody

Dance Mode

Fast, aggressive electronic groove with energetic drums and rhythms, dark and trashy

Another Day

Dark pop groove with electronic feel, solid drums and bass under keyboard strings with synth impacts


Fast, light electronic sounds create an exciting and pulsing groove, lights, lasers, computers, technology, research and science


Electronic pulse with short, percussive synth sounds and effects, creating an unusual and futuristic feel


Pacey drum groove with deep bass under swirling electric guitar and keyboard chords, fresh and confident sound


Cycling drum and bass groove under unusual synth effects and samples, robots, machines, automation


Fast, trashy drum and bass loops moving through different effects, aggressive and energetic

Mermaid Dance

Repeating percussion effects and grooves creating mechanical tension, understated but constant rhythms

Dirty Tech

Synths create a mechanical, rhythmic groove, fat and buzzy sounds with constant motion

Late Night

Laid back easy listening, house-band style, swinging drums and bass with warm electric piano, occasional brass


Slow jazz swing with drums and double bass, long chords from electric guitar, occasional brass

Dr Goodvibe

Sneaky little jazz track with double bass and drums creating a Pink Panther style feel, soft swing


Classic 1970's USA funk with electric guitar, drums, bass and brass section

Lounge Lizard

Lounge style jazz trio, mid paced swing with piano, double bass and drums, cool and groovy

Straw Hat

Traditional, cheeky 1930s dixie style jazz, mid paced with clarinet, piano, drums, trombone, bass

Conflict Op VII no.2

Orchestral historical drama, starts with snare drum rhythm, orchestra enters and builds, historic, slightly military feel, 16th and17th century, possibly medieval

The Abyss

Howling wind, high string line builds to stronger chords, low note holds, building tension, snare drum rolls, oboe melody into darkness

Attrition OpVII No.4

Orchestral strings with slow, pendulum feel, tension and anxiety, builds to a climax with timpani

Aftermath OpVII No.6

Tense orchestral activity with occasional fizzy synth lines, constant low drum beat

Wicked Ways

Constant motion from light drums and bass notes, warm textures from keyboards, relentless and subtle

So Low

1970s funky guitar riff over slow, steady drum rhythms, warm keyboard chords and occasional trumpet


Energetic drum rhythms create constant tension, occasional keyboard stabs and synth notes


American slide guitar acoustic blues, mid-paced drums, solid bass, electric guitar solo in middle section

Top Hat

Slow building rock, soloing electric guitar over steady arena-style drums, occasional synth

Beach Talk

Fun, kids surf pop, electric guitars and hammond organ with a burst of energetic rhythms, upbeat and feel-good, 1960s and early 1970s vibe

Groove Tube

Unusual kids steady-energy track, warm, strange synth and electric guitar over pop drum and bass rhythms

Chi-Town Blue

Piano and blues band create a fun, bouncy vibe, electric guitar solo, brass stabs, very feel-good

In Pursuit

Funky chase music, middle section very percussive, drums create feel of action, then back to funky riffs

Titans OpVII no.12

Determined, worried orchestral piece, consistent threat, travelling through danger, horns and timpani provide impacts

Jungle Sanctuary

Jungle soundscape, falling rain, percussion and bamboo flute, feeling of vulnerability


Regretful, dark orchestral atmosphere, occasional throbbing synth sounds, strings create a feeling of longing

Watch Out

Fear and suspense with low piano notes and high strings, heartbeat drums, dramatic conclusion

Market Square

Childrens light orchestral piece depicting a busy town square, coming and going, playful feel


Unsettling solo piano with jarring chords and uneasy melodies, confusion and restlessness


Solo jazz piano creates a relaxed mood with an air of wistfulness, lots of space, royalty free music


Dark swirling synth atmospheres, loud dramatic middle section with electric guitar distortion


Starts with tension, moves to a more positive feel in middle section, steady rhythms throughout

Blue Light

Relaxed, late night easy listening with electric piano and steady beat, slight retro feel


Positive, steady corporate track with synth and piano melodies, gentle tension


Caribbean fun reggae track with brass melodies, positive and happy

Ghana Made

Striking rhythmic african drums and claps with vocals, female african song sections in middle


Piano and orchestra with a proud, motivational track, steady rhythms and chords create a feeling of achievement


Stirring confident classical theme with full orchestra, high ideals and achievement, success

Don Quixote

Orchestral dramatic tension, steady string rhythms with horns over and occasional timpani, drama and danger


Brass fanfare with light, high strings, a positive theme for searching and finding, happy feel


Light, uneasy flute opens this orchestral soundtrack, woodwind bring warmth to the steady, dynamic strings


Magic and mystery orchestral soundtrack, tubular bells and low strings create drama and wonder, wizards, spells and Harry Potter style adventures

Pieces Of Ten

Quest and adventurous journey from this orchestral royalty free music soundtrack, woodwind creating occasional resting places, positive and forward moving


Light, playful orchestral tension, harp and strings create feel of searching, horns add an element of danger

Overture Milano

Tense orchestral soundtrack begins with uneasy horns, and moves through to string theme over brass chords, always striving


Orchestral tension builds from light strings to full sound, elements of suspense and battle with contrasting sections


Grungy guitar rock with melodic feel, lighter middle section contrasts and is followed by crazy guitar solo


Dark horror atmosphere, evolving slowly, uneasy and frightening, paranormal and ghosts, alien invasion etc

Funky Dread

Bouncy, electronic, Caribbean flavoured groove, kids computer and video games, activity, happy energy

Herbal Six

Repeating hi-tech textures and grooves from synths, bass and drum machine, constant low-key energy


Electronic tension groove, steady and low synth rhythms with filtering synths over, pacy drums but a still bass line


Light, funky reggae grooves from bass and percussion, joined by keyboards, loads of space

Ruff One

A percussive, electronic kids royalty free music track, feeling of excitement but still spacious, constant high hat rhythms with short, punchy, low synth riffs

Silk Flowers

Slow dreamy pop with atmospheric electric guitar wash and light drums, a morse code riff over from electric guitar


About Vincent Varco

As an independent producer and session musician, Vince has worked on many projects over the entire musical spectrum including credits on over twelve Delmark Records releases. Of these, most notably Memphis R&B legend Syl Johnson's "Back in the Game", and Chicago Blues great Willie Kent's "Make Room for the Blues". One of Chicago's foremost contributors to the World Beat genre, Vince has credits on many releases working with notables such as Junior Wailer, Kwame, Hamid Drake, and Dan Boadi.

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