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Royalty Free Music by Simon Wolfe

Here is a complete list of the music we have available by composer Simon Wolfe. To listen or purchase any of these tracks visit our main royalty free music search page and select Simon Wolfe as the composer in the "source" menu. To go straight to a specific track, on the same page click the "advanced search" button and then type the track title into the search box that appears.

Track Title



Ambient, sinister, barren and moody rock with a big feel, electric guitar solos over dark groove with synth strings over, epic and dramatic, underscore also available

Dreamtime (bed)

Mellow, dark and moody pop rock underscore, low steady groove with cool and spacious synth wash over, paints a big picture

Shadowlands (short)

Cool and eerie ambient groove (short version) with strange unsettling noises and an air of expectation, heart beat under synth chords and sub bass

Shadowlands (long)

Cool and eerie ambient groove (long version) with strange unsettling noises and an air of expectation, heart beat under synth chords and sub bass

Esotheric Warriors

Light percussion and drum groove slowly builds anticipation and suspense, warm strings and bass join

Android Subway

Futuristic pop science fiction track, mid paced drum and bass groove with breathy synth sounds over, future worlds, robot civilisations, mass transit systems


Eerie and tense atmosphere, sound effects and thunder with soft, subtle string and guitar over, isolation, desolation, ruin, postwar

Abstract Brush Strokes

Calm, steady piano patterns progressing slowly, creating a simple, peaceful feel, uncomplicated and easy


Clean fresh keyboards over steady drums and bass - a light instrumental with breezy feel

Alans Groove

Light, rhythmic pop patterns, long keyboard melodies over synth riff and tight drums, feeling of time passing and systems working

Alberts Tribute

Thoughtful, restrained piano playing broad, slow moving progressions, memories and hopes

Behind The Truth

Sad, slow piano and strings, soft, low and regretful royalty free music

Bold Grenadier

Light, slow military tune on flute, with soft string accompaniment, historical, documentary and war programming

Bond Girl

Haunting flute melody over soft strings, film and movie music, dramatic epic feel, dreamy but with an edge


Progressive but smooth forward-moving track, warm keyboard beds with rhythmic wood-block and xylophone patterns over giving a momentum and edge

Cable Groove

Steady, confident synth based corporate / pop track, communications, technology, computer systems and software


Fresh, light pop / corporate track, active drums and bass with synth and vocal sample, feeling of travel and global relationships

Chilled City

Smooth, slightly tense landscape track, long held warm keyboard chords with ethnic flute melody, occasional female spoken "It's evil"


Warm synth beds cycling patterns, no drums, positive dreamy feel, flying, travelling, space, big skies

Dare To Dream

Tense, slowly building rhythmic track for drama and action movie, feeling of discovery and revelation but with danger


Broad-ranging 4 minute movie track, begins in a dreamy, open way , after 90 seconds more challenge, tension and energy, the final section reverts again to dreamy, easy, light feel

Fair Maiden

Historical royalty free music classical track, a slow, haunting folk-tune orchestrated with oboe and strings, a feel of calm regret, happy memories of times now past

Grassy Banks

Light, tense acoustic guitar with rhythmic harsh bongo patterns, occasional male vocal sample, a controlled energy mixed with smooth harmonic moments

Into The Light

Confident, bright pop / corporate with piano riff and warm, fresh synth pads over solid, breezy drums and bass

Journeys End

Peaceful acoustic guitar and light strings, melodic, warm and personal, happy, relaxed feel

Legends Of Truth

Broad, peaceful orchestrated movie track, long string section chords with pan pipe and french horn, cymbals providing an epic feel, discovery and resolution


Banjo riff over pop groove with wide keyboard bed, fresh positive sound, stronger drums in middle section


Meditative solo classical piano, thoughtful and constrained

Mists Of Time

Peaceful sound-scape, light electric guitar slowly solos over synth beds, occasional mystical atmospheric sounds, dreamy and mellow

Out There - The Night Sky

Light, ethereal electric guitar picks chords over soft piano and warm synth beds, occasional percussion adding rhythm

Power And Glory

Proud, achievement track mainly with string orchestra, national pride, winning over adversity, strong and brave, success

Ramas Groove

Exciting tabla rhythms, joined by strong synth riff and high string lines, momentum and energy, constant drive

Sonatas Touch

Slow, considered classical piano, gentle melody with simple accompaniment and positive feel

The Old Frontier

Epic, dreamy solo flute with harp, broadening into string orchestra progressions, haunting, happy feel with slightly mystical edge

Wild Discovery

Dark, smooth dramatic soundscape, flute and pan pipe over strong bass drum and military style snare drum, with string melodies and held chords

Working Week

Rhythmic drums and money sound FX with a little light rock guitar and funky hammond organ towards the end, strong and steady

Celebrity Set

Mellow, chilled keyboard and string sound bed with occasional light vocal and sound FX royalty free music

Cobalt Blue Soldier

Strange, unsettling cycles on electric piano with percussion, occasional oboe melody over

Courtyard Duet

Light Japanese melody over ethnic instruments, sparse and atmospheric

Snow Leopard

Warm atmosphere, light flute with a slightly Asian feel melodies over simple guitar progressions

Snow Leopard Flute Solo

Light solo flute twisting and turning with a slightly Asian feel, evocative and articulate

Geisha Girl

Bright, positive Chinese / Japanese orchestral soundscape, occasional male vocal, strong and forthright

Tiger Bay

Gentle, dreamy flute plays a slow moving melody over acoustic guitar and orchestral strings


Mid-paced contemplative solo piano plays repeating figures, thoughtful and understated

Game On

Futuristic technology sounds over broad dance bed, progressive and positive

Celtic Spirit

Celtic / Irish folk melody on cello and flute over ethnic drums and percussion with occasional strings

Tears In The Rain

Mellow, relective night-time mood with warm keys, mouth organ, strings and chilled electric guitar chords


About Simon Wolfe

Although specialising in ambient/new age material, Simon has written music in a number of different styles, (new age/ambient, esotheric/electronic, chilled/downtempo, dance/techno, classical and acoustic). The new age, chilled flavour permeates through the different styles. Simon has written, recorded and produced material for 'Wall to Wall' Television UK (dinosaur documentary), 'Illuminations' UK (music written and arranged for a documentary on Captain Cook's painter, William Hodges on expeditions to Tahiti and India, featuring contributions by Sir David Attenborough).

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