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Royalty Free Music License

We offer two levels of license for music on this website - Standard and Full.

All purchases come with a Standard License. You can purchase a Full License for more benefits, should you choose to. Here is what each license allows you to do...

Standard License

To use music synchronised in an audio/visual context, including:

  • up to 5,000 copies of a product, physical or downloadable.
  • TV and Radio broadcast - regional (up to 250 miles), or any single EU country (eg UK)
  • single web site (streamed format)
  • corporate video/DVD, trade show or presentation
  • shareware/freeware game
  • music on hold (single location)
  • internet video (streamed format such as Myspace, YouTube etc)
  • podcast
  • student film and film festivals
  • educational (not for sale)

Full License

All rights granted in the Standard License, plus:

  • TV and Radio broadcast worldwide
  • unlimited copies of a product, physical or downloadable
  • film/movie with theatrical release
  • music on hold multi-location

What you must not do...

  • use the music without synchronisation to other media
  • re-sell or re-license the music on it's own
  • claim ownership of the music
  • add lyrics or music to our music to create a derived musical work



The legal definitions - Our Licenses grant Mechanical & Synchronisation rights as described above.

Mechanical rights - the right to reproduce our music, relating to various media.

Synchronisation rights - the right to use our music in synchronisation with other audo/visual material.

Performance Rights - Our license does not include Performance Rights - as the media Producer, you do not pay Performance Rights license fees.

As with all music, broadcasts and public performances of our music must be notified to your local Performance Rights Organisation - this is the responsibility of whoever makes the public performance of music (for example the TV station, radio network, business-owner, or hosting venue) and includes the composer name(s), track title, music duration, and broadcast/programme details. Public performance of our music may require an additional license from the local Performance Rights Organisation, for example to the TV station, radio network, business-owner, or hosting venue. As the media Producer, you do not pay Performance Rights license fees.

If you aren't sure what a Public Performance is (and definitions can vary in different countries), you should check with your local Performance Rights Organisation.

Credits: The composer and www.Royalty-Free.tv must always have a visible credit where appropriate.

Promotional / Giveaway Audio CDs
Do you want to make a Promotional / Giveaway audio-only CD of our music? For this kind of project, we require that you take out a slightly different license with us, click for details...
(click here for Promotional/Giveaway Audio CD license)

Privacy: We do not pass on any information about our customers to third parties. At royalty-free.tv we do not get to see your payment details, these are processed securely on our behalf by paddle.com and Paypal. The customer details passed to us are your name and contact details, so we can contact you about your order if necessary. As a new customer we will add your email address to our own mailing list, for the purposes of mailing an occassional newsletter. You may unsubscribe from this list at any time simply by emailing us.
Read our Privacy Policy here.

Liability: Royalty-Free.tv are not liable for any damages or consequences resulting fom other's use or misuse of the music files or this website. Royalty-Free.tv's liability shall in no event exceed the license cost..

read the full licence here

Not sure what something means? Read our Glossary Of Terms


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