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Software / chipset rate

These rates no longer apply, please chack our current license deals (2008)

The prices are per track, for each project use. "project use" is when a piece of music is used once or more within a production. For example, if you use the song "Pot Shot" as the opening title sequence on a computer game, and the end sequence of the same game, this is one "project use".

The end user of your software/hardware product must be restricted from obtaining direct access to the music for their own use. For example, it would be OK to market a CD-ROM which incorporates our music in its soundtrack, but it would not be OK if your product makes it possible for the end user to edit, copy, or use the music as they wish, (if you require this, contact us for terms).

(rates are for worldwide license, in addition to standard download fee)
0-5000 copies - $75
5001-10000 copies $125
10001-25000 copies $250
For production runs exceeding 25000, units 25001+ are charged at $0.0075 (three quarters of a cent) per copy.

Contact us if you have any questions.

We can deliver the music tracks to you via email, on audio CD or CD-Rom. Payment is via credit card, tel/fax (+44) 1202 840205 office hours 10-6 (GMT) monday-friday. If you contact us, we will advise you of the cost and arrange for your license.

Read the full License here

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