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What Is Sound Design?

Making Great Soundtracks for Movies and Television

What is Sound Design?

Sound design is, simply, all the sound required for a movie. This includes all of the music, dialogue and sound effects, mixed and edited, for the final cut of the movie. Ensuring that the movie's score does not get buried by loud sound effects or that dialogue does not take a back seat to the soundtrack is a delicate balance and requires considerable mixing and remixing to get it just right. If done well, sound design can create a synergy across all of the sound elements of a movie. If done poorly, it can distract viewers or even destroy the film's overall integrity and quality.

Ingredients For A Great Soundtrack

So, what should a film maker do to create balanced sound design where all sound elements are given equal emphasis? Well, it is different for every movie or TV proogram (depending on whether it more dialogue-based or atmospheric) and largely dependent on the sound designer's preferences, the director's input and the composer's pull with them. Because will most sound designers and foley artists love to perfect all the “sound” in a movie, composers often think their music should take center stage in a production. Directors may also have their own ideas. It can become a messy tug of war for the uninitiated and it is important to make post production less of a democracy and entrust it to the sound designer alone. This is why it is key to work with a skilled sound designer ready to wear many hats and fully manage all sound elements and give them the attention and detail they need to create a cohesive end product.

Sound Designers

Sounds designers need to have a good ear, serious diplomacy skills to deal with all the strong (and varying) opinions being thrust in their direction, an understanding of how to make sound seem natural even when it is completely manufactured and they must be very well versed in the latest audio editing and mixing software. They create the world in which viewers “live” for the movie's runtime and without the artistry of sound design, movie going would be a very different, much less rich experience. While sound design and post-production work was once relegated to the “back room” of movie production houses, they are making their way into the limelight as more respected directors make sound a priority in their films and demand superior results from their sound designers and those who work with them.

Using Royalty Free Music in Soundtracks

The royalty free music we have available on this website will help create perfect movie and TV soundtracks. Our previous clients have included Universal Studios, BBC, MTV, ITV, SKY, Discovery, so you can be guaranteed excellent quality when you download our royalty free music files.

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