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Adding Audio To A Web Page

How to Stream Audio from a Web Page

Depending on a Web site's content, streaming audio can provide necessary information, greater explanation or updated news to visitors. For instance, many radio stations stream their content to listeners to be enjoyed at their convenience. It is a very cost-effective, professional appearing way to share an audio experience with site visitors. And, unlike podcosts, requires no download, which are often offputting to those who might be interested otherwise. If you are unsure of how to stream audio from a Web page, this article will get you started with the basics. You will be streaming video in no time.

To create streaming audio, you will need to:

  • Record the audio. Like any quality audio capture, you will want to make sure there is no background or “white” noise. Digital recorders are great for this job. They are very inexpensive and offer exceptional quality. For added integrity, buy an inexpensive microphone to attach to the recorder.

  • Transfer the recording. If you have used anything other than a digital recorder, you will need to transfer it to a file you can edit such as an MP3 or .WAV file. To ensure quality, you may want to engage a professional so the recording's integrity is not compromised.

  • Edit, edit, edit. You will most likely need to remove some unnecessary static or other interference. Unless you have a professional studio, it is almost impossible to avoid this entirely. You will need audio editing software for this. The program you choose should have features that direct you to maximizing quality for Web transmission. There are free editors available online, such as Audacity.

  • Upload the edited file. To do this, you will need to install additional software to your Web site that allow streaming audio to be played. These are often free from many different online sources. A Web search should yield several such as Flash Audio Wizard, Sonic Memo, Total Web Audio and many more. You may need to purchase one if you are looking for anything with more robust features. Once the software is properly installed and setup is finished, you will be able to embed your audio and you are ready to go!

Make Sure You Have Copyright Clearance

If you are using music or audio from another source, be sure you have permission to do so. Royalty free music is a perfect choice. If you are in violation of any copyright agreement, you may need to remove the video, or worse, be sued for its use.

Creating streaming audio is neither difficult nor labor intensive and generally requires little monetary investment. Considering the importance of audio for some Web sites, the return on any investment will dwarf your out-of-pocket costs.

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