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If you are a composer, publisher, or production music library and wish to submit your music for consideration for the Royalty-Free.tv website, this page is for you - all the information you need is here:



Due to being somewhat overwhelmed with CDs, links and emails we are not currently accepting unsolicited music submissions. We are getting so many submissions lately, that on top of our own work as composers we simply don't have the time to give your CD/music the full attention it deserves. So it will be disregarded, for which we are sorry and ask for your understanding...

So, please don't send us new submissions just now.

We are still adding new music as we always do, although not from new composers at the present time, for the reasons mentioned....

When we are able to take on new composers again, we'll post that here and the usual terms etc. will apply as below... please bear with us :)




Submission Guidelines

We listen to every submission we receive from new writers. Those writers whose music we like, and that we think our clients will like, we invite here. We aim to only have great quality, original and interesting music.

Please don't submit if you cannot meet all the conditions here.


You must own the copyright to the music and recordings, or legally represent the owner
Worldwide licensing (non-exclusive) must be available
You must be able to meet our license terms


Submissions must include at least 30 titles, with a commercial-length edit also for each title. If you can include loops and short "stingers" then you have even more chance of selling you music.

Each title should be no less than 1 minute, average 3 minutes is usual.

Commercial-length edits should be either 29" or 30" in length. TV & Radio advertising is sold worldwide in these lengths, so don't send us 34" versions or a 23" edit, it's a waste of your time, your submission will not be successful.

No fades! Definite starts and endings please.

Submit WAV 44.1/16 bit on DVD/CD. Make a folder for each title, put all versions/edits of that title in the folder.

Include a spreadsheet with track titles, composer name(s), affiliations, publishing details, descriptions etc.

Professional recording standards only please - no clicks, pops, hiss, poor edits etc. Don't distort your music by trying to master it too loudly. This is important - we prepare every audio file for this website individually and don't want to have to try and fix any of these mistakes. If we encounter any of these, anywhere, we will reject all submissions from you.

Media composers - if you're sending us your old cues, pitches etc. that's fine, we understand you want to sell your 'on the shelf' music. But please if it's written to picture, full of dramatic hitpoints, mood changes and so on, then don't send it - really what are the chances it's going to fit someone else's pictures? Much better to re-work into several new pieces, and submit them.

Top tip - strike the mood, and stay there. If your music starts as a gentle Irish ballad, and segues through death metal, reggae and a classical symphony before ending on a tabla solo, no-one is ever going to license that from us to sync to picture. You wouldn't believe how many people send us music we can't use for this reason.


Please don't submit if you cannot meet all the conditions above, as we cannot include your music. Sorry, but the conditions are there for good reasons, else we wouldn't put them here...

How We Pay

All income generated by sales of music through this site are shared between the various composers and royalty-free.tv, composers can view their sales at any time through a password-protected area of this website. When music is broadcast on TV/radio etc and generates performance royalties 100% of any Performance Monies go straight to the composer - we don't take any share of it. We do not charge any additional fees for site inclusion, hosting, promotion or anything else. We forward your share of the download payments to you quarterly, by direct bank transfer within UK, or Paypal worldwide.

What We Do

www.royalty-free.tv is a way for people to find your music, and license it for use in media (see license). We are not a publishing company, we don't "sign" you or your music. You retain copyright ownership, you control the rights. This is a non-exclusive deal, so you are still free to place your music in other ways as well.

To Submit

First - read the above again! If you can't meet the requirements mentioned, please don't waste your time and ours by submitting. Sorry, but the conditions are there for good reasons.

1. Mail us a CD/DVD containing at least 30 full length tracks, plus edits, spreadsheet etc. as described above, to Notepad Music, RFTV Submissions, PO Box 3486, Wimborne, BH21 1ZD, UK. Be sure to include all your contact details, including email.

Give us time to listen to your music. We will listen. Be patient...

If you can't be patient, that's fine, please don't send us your music :-)

If we want to discuss including your music on www.royalty-free.tv , we will contact you.

Sorry, but we can't enter into correspondance with everyone who submits, or offer critiques of your material etc. It's nothing personal! If we think your music will sell well to the people who use our site, we will contact you. Please don't email/phone etc regarding submissions. We don't keep submissions if we don't accept them onto the site, and we are unable to return CDs.

Please do not send us emails containing mp3s. They will not be considered.

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