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Using Royalty Free Music On Youtube

Safely use our music on your Youtube videos

Using our music on your Youtube video is fine - it's one of the things our license covers. However, we do ask for a credit for our music composers, to go alongside your video on your youtube video page. This will not only identify the music to anyone who reads your Youtube page, but may also help Youtube identify the music clearly, which in turn can help Youtube establish that the music is OK to use without copyright issues

The credits do not need to be on the video itself, but in the text that you can add about your video, on the Youtube page. It doesn't need to be prominent, the very end is fine! A good example would be:

Music Credits:

Title: Potshot
Composer: Gavin Courtie (PRS) & Liz Radford (PRS)
Publisher: Gavin Courtie (PRS) & Liz Radford (PRS)
Supplier: http://www.royalty-free.tv

When you license music from us, we email you the track and composer details, so you will have a record of these already.

You may be wondering if you need a Performance Rights (PRO)license for any music you include in a Youtube video. The answer is "No, you do not" . It is the hosting website that has to arrange this, and Youtube have deals with PRS, ASCAP and other societies worldwise for all the videos they host. If you want the video to appear your own website, you can use Youtube's "Embed" feature to put the video onto your own website, and since the video is still actually hosted on Youtube's servers rather than yours, you still won't need any kind of PRO license.



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